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Arts-and-Entertainment There are a few details to consider when you are giving thought to getting solar panels installed. First of all you will need to ensure your roof is appropriately positioned, in general a southerly facing roof is the best, this will gain you maximum productivity but an east or west facing roof can also provide results, although at a slightly reduced production rate. Be sure that your panels wont be obscured by any neighbouring structures, trees and shrubs or bushes as this will most likely lower productivity and always ensure both the solar panel supplier and the fitters are MCS accredited otherwise you might not be able to gain benefit from the Feed In Tariff or FIT. The Feed In Tariff plan was brought in via the government as an incentive to try to motivate individuals to produce their own green energy and for each kWh or kilowatt hour of unused electric which can be rerouted in to the power grid a payment of 41.3p is given. This amount is set for Twenty five years for solar panels providing 5mW or less which are installed before 31st March 2012. Even solar panel products installed prior to the 15th July 2009 still gain from a FIT rate although theirs is much lower than todays at 9p for each kWh. Dont worry if you still wish to enjoy the benefits of solar panels yet wont be ready to get them installed until after March 2012 because you will still be able to reap the rewards of a Feed In Tariff plan at just two or three pence or 7% lower for each kWh generated. There’s also an ingenious way for you to now enhance the benefits of solar panels even further by way of a innovative product known as the solar tracker. A solar tracker is a tool which actually tracks the sun as it moves across the sky hence finding the optimum point for the solar panels to acquire the most direct sunlight. A solar tracker is full of a specialist fluid which, when warmed up via the direct sun light, causes the tracker to shift in the direction of the direct sunlight which subsequently causes the solar panels to change position using a system of gears. Even though the tracker would add on extra expense to your energy production system it could also raise your green energy output by well over 40% and potentially boost up excess electricity considerably which you’ll then gain further re.pense for. Solar panel purchase prices vary considerable according to the scale you opt for and the .pany you choose, some suppliers may offer them for between 7,000 and 8,000 however others will charge 10,000 or even more. It’s been determined that the average household should have regained their original outlay around ten years after installment, nevertheless with a life expectancy of around 30 to 40 years, you’ll still be seeing the benefits of solar panels for quite some time to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: