Beijing passenger car Index Office individual network operators to vent other people’s information 3344111

Beijing minibus indicators office: individual network operators mistakenly vent new network information to others – Beijing morning news site news (reporter Zhang Jingshu) in September 28th, this newspaper published the public Liu Hong (a pseudonym) see others detailed information in Beijing after a passenger quota management information system update index, Beijing passenger Quota Management Office of the first time systematic investigation and contact with the Beijing morning news reporters and parties. The survey found that the reason is not in the background, but the network operators, the current index office has coordinated the public security network information security department of network operators and standardized, organized technical personnel to develop solutions. The day before, Liu Hong online in Beijing city public passenger quota management information system to update the index, but in their own account system to see the others to update the index application and confirmation. Beijing morning news reporter also found that when others, download the application form, the other ID number, home address, telephone number and other information completely unmasked. In this regard, from the beginning of September 26th, a small passenger car index do technical department repeatedly to contact the Beijing morning news reporter and Liu Hong and their families, the abnormal operation path verification system login, according to the parties concerned to provide video operation, technical department staff found the crux of the problem. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing passenger car index management office for the Beijing morning news reporter and the families of the parties reviewed the operation process. Indicators do security center technical staff at the scene explained that the unusual reason is not derived from the regulation of the system itself, but for the parties to provide Internet service network operators. Individual operators to speed up the network, the cache of other people’s "personal update indicators confirmation notice" document. When the parties to download, the network operator will not download the request sent to Beijing passenger car index control and management information system, but will be directly pushed to the file cache file. In other words, Liu Hong’s system appears in the name of the other two users, may be with her with the same operator broadband, their information on the operator’s cache platform appeared ‘confusion’. Passenger car index management information system itself does not appear to malfunction". In view of the above, in order to protect the security of the applicant’s personal information, passenger car Index Office official said they have coordinated the public security system network security department to investigate the matter. "Network security department network operators on the city’s request, the relevant data must not be cached in Beijing passenger quota management information system, organization and technical staff to develop technical solutions, to further enhance the level of security protection system".相关的主题文章: