Beijing network about the driver of the vehicle must be Beijing households homefront

Beijing net about car driver vehicle to be "Beijing households" original title: net about car drivers vehicles will be "Beijing households" Beijing taxi reform three policy documents for public comment yesterday, the City Transportation Commission issued the "opinions on deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry in Beijing city" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") "Beijing City, the network reservation taxi business service management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "rules") and "Beijing City Private minibus carpool guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance") three policy documents, and to seek the views of the public, to the end of October 14th. Among them, the rules clearly stipulates that engaged in the network about car service, whether it is a vehicle or driver must have a Beijing account". At the same time, the "Regulations" of the driver and vehicle age displacement of a clear, for example, 5 three car passenger car, which is generally the family car exhaust is not less than 2.0L or 1.8T, the vehicle wheelbase of not less than 2700 mm. The driver must be the household registration in the city; the driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience; – male drivers aged 60, the female driver under the age of 55, no bad driving and criminal records, the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points in the record; – needs to be designated by the examination bodies pass the examination, and from the filing date of the previous year is no more than 5 times the illegal acts of road traffic safety; – engaged in the parade car service, during a parade in the car service is not included in the serious violations of information library. In the interpretation of the Ministry of transport to deepen the reform of taxi, chief expert Professor Xu Kangming: Beijing to implement the restriction policy, the purpose is to ease traffic congestion in Beijing, many international metropolis, all operators of vehicles are local vehicles, which belongs to the international practice. If you do not limit the network about car license, or will exacerbate the road congestion in Beijing. Professor of Beijing University of Technology, a transportation expert Chen Yanyan: on the one hand, Beijing nearly two years in the ease of non capital function, network about cars and passengers, not necessarily outside the household staff, and the government should not actively absorb. On the other hand, as the capital, relatively high on the road safety, service quality and other requirements, Beijing, Beijing vehicle more convenient management, in order to provide passengers a safe and comfortable environment for passengers. – must is the license plate of the vehicle; 5 – three car passenger car exhaust amount is not less than 2.0L or 1.8T, the vehicle wheelbase is not less than 2700 mm; new energy axle distance not less than 2650 mm; the 7 seat passenger car exhaust volume is not less than 2.0L, the wheelbase is not less than 3000 mm, the length is greater than 5100 mm; – equipped with the vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, emergency alarm device, etc.; – equipped with network about car service platform server, online payment, service evaluation and other functions of the terminal equipment. In the interpretation of in fact, at present, the road passenger express for small displacement, "value" in the hundreds of thousands or even several million cars, the "rules" of car displacement, wheelbase 2相关的主题文章: