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Why abandon 147 rockets called bonus is too low not do not want to buy cheap Benz seaway

Why abandon 147? The Rockets said bonus is too low not: don’t want to buy O’Sullivan Benz sale erratic sina sports news 2016 Welsh open will be held in Cardiff. The first round of the season debut record large game ranked match O’Sullivan of the first, the 46 year old Pinchs to beat 4-1. In the last inning, he had a chance to hit 147 points, but in the ideal situation, he changed to do the ball, so as to end with a single shot of 146 points. After the game, O’Sullivan explained that it feels like Benz do not want to buy cheap, when cumulative bonus to the right, he tried out 147. Hearn, the world snooker president, responded quickly and criticized him for not respecting the audience. Last month’s Masters tournament, eight months after the O’Sullivan strong comeback, with an incredible rhythm sixth times in the prestigious invitational tournament to seal the king. Came to Cardiff, he continued the hot hand, 4-1 win the first battle pinches. The last game, and ranked eighty-second in the world of pinches fights in the process, O’Sullivan scored 80 points around the globe, he turned around and asked the referee single shot the highest score bonus, he apparently did not get a satisfactory answer to the referee, sympathetic look reply to him only 12 thousand pounds (10 thousand pounds plus 2 thousand pounds full pole single award bar the highest award). After playing 14 balls and 13 black, wayward O’Sullivan give up doing is black, but turned to powder ball, O’Sullivan finally ended the game with a single shot 146 points. "I can do it, but I don’t think the bonus is 147, so I give up and let it continue to increase until I get it."." Since Barry and Hector took over the world snooker, the cumulative system has been adopted for 147 full pole awards, which means that the amount of 147 bonuses per pole is not the same, some are tens of thousands of pounds, and others are only a few thousand pounds. Robertson at the end of last year, the British championships that rod 147 full pole value of up to 44 thousand pounds, while the large foundation awards ranking 147 full rod of each station is 5 thousand pounds, and came near the end of the German masters, so the Welsh open the full pole down to 10 thousand pounds prize. "It’s like you into the Benz garage, they tell you this car sold you 3 thousand pounds, my answer is" no, too cheap, I don’t buy it, "O’Sullivan said further some things have special value, type 147 is a special moment, to make people feel special. "You have to entertain the audience. It’s like a movie. You have to expect them to go back to the theater and watch the next game." O’Sullivan criticized the existing 147 bonus system to reduce this appreciation, so there is room for improvement. O’Sullivan’s move to the pink ball in the last inning caused a flurry of excitement among the fans, and at the end of the game he was booed. Soon, the social network exploded. This is not the first time O’Sullivan has been feeling too low for a bonus. The 2010 World Tournament, the game with Mark king, he has scored 140 points with the last ball, was ready to give up, finally in the referee’s urging, he only)

为何弃147?火箭称奖金太低不配:不想买贱卖奔驰 奥沙利文不按常理出牌   新浪体育讯  2016年斯诺克威尔士公开赛在加的夫开杆。首轮,本赛季首次亮相大型排名赛正赛的奥沙利文开局不俗,以4-1轻取46岁老将平奇斯。而最后一局他本有机会冲击147分,在局面很理想的情况下,他却改做粉球,从而以单杆146分收场。赛后,奥沙利文解释说这感觉就像不想买贱卖的奔驰一样,等奖金累积到合适的时候,他再尝试147满分。世界斯诺克主席赫恩很快做出回应,批评他不尊重观众。   上个月的大师赛,休赛了长达八个月的奥沙利文强势复出,以不可思议的节奏第六次在久负盛名的邀请赛上封王。来到加的夫,他延续了大热的手感,4-1战胜平奇斯,首战告捷。其中最后一局,与世界排名第82位的平奇斯交手过程中,奥沙利文围绕黑球连得80分时,他转身询问裁判单杆最高分奖金多少,显然他没有得到满意答复,裁判以同情的表情回复他只有1.2万英镑(1万英镑满杆分奖外加2千英镑单杆最高奖)。   在打了14颗红球和13颗黑球之后,任性的奥沙利文放弃了做难度不大的黑球,而是转向了粉球,最终奥沙利文以单杆146分结束了本局比赛。   “我可以做到,但我认为奖金配不上147,所以我放弃,让它继续增加,直到值了我再去争取。”自打巴里-赫恩接管世界斯诺克以来,147满杆分奖采用了累计制度,这意味着每杆147奖金的额度不尽相同,有的高达几万英镑,而有的则只值几千英镑。罗伯逊在去年年底英锦赛的那杆147满杆分价值高达4.4万英镑,而大型排名赛147满杆分每站的基础奖为5千英镑,加上前不久结束的德国大师赛,因此本届威尔士公开赛的满杆分奖回落到1万英镑。   “这就像你走进奔驰车库,他们告诉你这辆车卖给你3千英镑,我的回答是‘不行,太便宜了,我才不买,”奥沙利文进一步表示有的事情具有特殊价值,打出147是特殊时刻,要让人感觉到特别才行。   “你得愉悦观众,就像电影,你得希望他们回到电影院看下一场。”奥沙利文批评现有的147奖金制度减少了这种观赏性,因此还有改善空间。奥沙利文在最后一局改打粉球的举动在球迷当中引起一阵骚动,比赛快结束时,有人向他发出嘘声。很快,社交网络也炸开了锅。   这不是奥沙利文第一次因为奖金太低而闹情绪。2010年世界公开赛,与马克-金的比赛中,他已连得140分还剩最后的黑球时,也一度准备放弃,最终在裁判的敦促下,他才不情不愿将其打进。   世界斯诺克主席巴里-赫恩对奥沙利文的举动做出了回应:“这不是犯罪,但让人遗憾,甚至令人羞愧,”赫恩说。“球员有义务给球迷献上最高水平的比赛,让他们享受其中。任何不做出最大努力的举动都是不可接受的,也是对花钱看比赛的观众的不尊重。”   (莫林)相关的主题文章:

August private champion Luo Weiguang unexpectedly by a 12 placards placards had high return 爱多vcd

Even by August private champion Luo Weiguang A shares 12 placards placards had high return Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Once the private champion Luo Weiguang and his new value investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the new value) in Guangdong after years of ups and downs, and finally re champion two words hanging hook. The latest data show that in August, Luo Weiguang’s "sunshine placards 1" return rate as high as 66.89%, sit in one fell swoop performance rankings in the top spot in the month. The concern is that Luo Weiguang this "turnaround" may be just the moment many private crazy placards a microcosm of the A-share market A. 12 finally get high return placards Luo Weiguang is involved in the A shares of the company’s earlier private placards. Last November, the "securities" reporter Luo Weiguang connection, he said the two level of market volatility is too large, the future will focus on equity investment, including through placards to participate in the operation of listed companies. He had a month Jupai four listed companies. And as of now, according to the latest statistics of the third party, Luo Weiguang a total of 12 listed companies placards. A large number of placards, Luo Weiguang returns in August this year, at the helm of the "sunshine placards No. 1 to yield 66.89% with private single month champion. It is obvious that, in this list, 4744 were included in the ranking of the private placement, the average yield of only 1.63%, far run over the same period in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange rose by 3.87% in the same period of 300. Get together into many private Luo Weiguang placards placards listed companies only private placards of the tip of the iceberg. The number of public display, since this year, at least 15 placards behavior in the Chinese fund industry association filed sunshine private equity fund, involving 10 listed companies. In 7, 8 February will have 4 companies are private equity funds placards. The "securities" reporter noted that a growing trend, in addition to the new value, placards private branch of China Merchants, Chong Xiang potential private equity and other famous, also appeared many little-known private. Newly Hui technology relai Jiayu ball placards, placards, placards capital Yongan pharmaceutical Shangyuan Boxing shares Tibet Kang Sheng investment. "In addition to such a potential Xiang placards, listed companies suffered a black swan event resulting in investment losses, most private placards return of more than two market. This is the main motivation for private participation." China Merchants said one person. Two extreme caution blind risk "securities" reporter learned that the two extreme phenomenon in the process of a private placards, placards are of good quality and promising company. The two is a tendency of delisting placards "shell" companies, such as the original China investment Hung Road Star Fund Manager Sun Jiandong created in Chang nine biochemical etc.. Research on financial report case showed that the current situation of private listed companies placards are three main ways: one is the Chinese listed company’s resources, such as free cash flow, with the appreciation of the space of land; the two is playing on the placards相关的主题文章:

Reporter survey 170, paragraph 171, no need to buy identity registration widcomm

Reporter survey: 170, No. 171, no identity registration can still buy yesterday, the streets of Beijing mobile phone booth can easily buy a virtual phone number card. Beijing News reporter Li Ming photo shop sellers do not need to register, you can use section 170 phone card. Recently, the 18 year old college students in Linyi, Xu Yuyu due to telephone fraud section No. 171, was cheated out of $9900 tuition after cardiac arrest. It will be 170, paragraph 171 of the "black card" again dragged into the vortex of public opinion. Yesterday, Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau issued an emergency alert said, 170, paragraph 171 because of regulatory measures in place, have become a hotbed of telephone fraud and sms. According to the requirements of the Ministry of industry, telecommunications enterprises should strictly implement the real name registration of network users. But yesterday, the reporter found that experience, Beijing city is not the real name registration buy a "black card" is not difficult. Without the real name registration Street easy to buy cards yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the South Third Ring Road near a mobile phone retail card, signs that handle various types of mobile phone cards, package business". Reporter asked whether there is no 170, paragraph 171 phone number to sell? The boss readily responded with booth". He told reporters that this card all over the country to call more than 10 Fen minutes, receive free, very cheap. Only section 170, the sale is not sold on the 171." Then the boss from the cabinet side pulls out a mobile phone card, throw on the counter, 6, marks the Beijing unicom. The number 170 is heading, unopened. Do not need to buy this card real name registration, usually sold to acquaintances, you do not say everywhere on the line." The boss told reporters that this card can not buy a regular business hall. Reporters in the selection of the number, the boss added, "a 50, there are 30 yuan bill, the card can be used." The boss told reporters, to buy this kind of card people quite a lot of people to buy more Zhang no problem. When a reporter asked why such a card can not be registered when the real name can be purchased, the boss did not explain too much, I give you to open your heart." In addition, he also reminded reporters, now unified requirements do card real name registration, check tight, no one dare to sell. Ministry of the people to check once a month, found (not real name registration) fined 30 thousand." The reporter took an 170 mobile phone card paid, unpacked, installed card, a few minutes later, with mobile phone card received four from "chinatelling" messages, display card has been opened. Subsequently, the reporter used the phone to call, caller ID for Beijing Unicom, then hit no strange. Subsequently, the reporter dialed telling the mobile customer service hotline, hotline after verification, reporters purchased 170 starts for the sale of the mobile phone card is telling the mobile, the card has been opened to use normal." After investigation, the reporter card no name, cardholder ID card information. In this regard, the customer service staff recommended that reporters identity information collection, "if it is detected by the system, the number will be shutdown, makeup information before use." But as of press time reporter, the number is still able to fight the normal. Customer service staff told reporters, is a regular day mobile virtual operators, in June 2014 began to sell 170, paragraph 171 to date, "according to the official requirements, agents do card must be real name registration card Yu people相关的主题文章:

Henan province limit the country five, Zhengzhou used car dealers to shout out the aspirations of So pt100分度表ֶȱ�

The process of Henan province country five, Zhengzhou second-hand car dealer shouted voice – car Sohu since March 25th this year, the State Council issued "several opinions on promoting the second-hand car trading convenience" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). One of the provisions, in addition to Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other regions have special provisions of the city, other cities shall not develop policies to restrict the use of second-hand cars into. "Opinions" requirements, the second-hand car has implemented the relocation policy of the city should be released before the end of May. "Opinion" reflects the maximum extent of the restrictions on subtraction, do addition to the standard reform ideas, can be said to be a bright spot. The core purpose of the new deal is to facilitate the use of second-hand car trading, the prosperity of the used car market. However, the opinion has been released for more than half a year, is still not a lot of cities in accordance with the requirements of the State Council, the opinions landing execution. China Automobile Dealers Association latest statistics, as of now a total of 13 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, the full implementation of the State Council issued the "opinions". They are: Shaanxi, Shanxi, Qinghai, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Guangdong (including Guangdong has been minus 9 in Xinjiang city), Guizhou, Anhui, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, and Heilongjiang, the introduction of relevant policies, to lift the limit move city reached 172. Guangxi autonomous region and Liaoning province part of the implementation of the general office of the State Council documents. But there are still many provinces and cities, shilly-shally, hesitates, or even just a few days before the promise and then deny in succession, cancel the limit move, after a few days began to perform limit move. November 1st onwards, motor vehicle national five emission standards have been implemented in the province of Henan, the vehicle does not meet the requirements will be stopped sales, registration and transfer. With the implementation of this new policy, the province’s new car market and second-hand car market opened the country five mode. Henan’s second-hand car trading will be hit hard, especially in Zhengzhou. It is reported that more than 23 million 740 thousand vehicles in Henan province. Among them, the Zhengzhou city car ownership of more than 3 million 70 thousand vehicles, the average daily increase of motor vehicles in the first place in the capital city of the province’s six provinces in the first place in the top 1688. For the "country of five", recently, Zhengzhou second-hand car practitioners gathered in Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment door, pull up banners, shouted the voices of second-hand car — to promote the circulation of second-hand car, cancel the move the country; the central policy support, accelerate the economic prosperity of the country — to the relevant departments to protest. I hope the relevant departments to implement the State Council "opinions", lift the limit move. I believe there will be more media coverage and appeal. Restrictions on the policy of second-hand car market in China and the national economy has caused no small impact. According to the survey of China Automobile Association, the global average vehicle update cycle is about 5 to 7 years, and because Chinese consumer purchasing power is strong, the update frequency is higher than the average level of the vehicle, so in 2009 the second-hand car market began to enter a large area of China, is expected in 2014 China’s second-hand car market will usher in the outbreak period. However, due to the implementation of the policy limit, a serious impact on the formation of second-hand car market in the country, hinder the development, so to a certain extent, delayed the explosion 3相关的主题文章:

The hatchback hatchback personality dongben Rui Shenzhen to shoot. sichen

The hatchback hatchback personality dongben competing Rui Shenzhen to shoot   the basic parameters of 2017 1.5L CVT comfortable edition MSRP $109 thousand and 900 manufacturer Dongfeng Honda vehicle structure hatchback 1.5L 131 horsepower engine inline 4 cylinder gearbox CVT maximum speed (km h) official 0-100 acceleration (s) 11 (the official combined fuel consumption L) – integrated fuel consumption Ministry (L) 5.6 100 thousand km vehicle warranty of 3 years the body parameters of 2017 1.5L CVT comfortable version of × long; wide × high (mm) 4517× 1705× 1489 wheelbase (mm) (mm) from the front wheel rear wheel 14821480 minimum distance from the ground (mm) – (kerb mass (Kg) a number of doors) seats (a) volume (L) trunk volume (L) – engine parameters of 2017 1.5L CVT comfortable version of the engine structure of straight inlet form naturally aspirated direct injection fuel injection form the number of cylinders (a) valve per cylinder The number of (a) the compression ratio of 11.5:1 bore × stroke; 73.0× 89.5 engine specific technology – displacement (mL) maximum power [kw (PS) rpm] 96 (131) 6600 (N.m RPM) 1154600 maximum torque motor maximum power maximum torque of motor fuel type No. 93 (Beijing No. 92) parameters of gasoline emission levels in China V transmission 2017 1.5L CVT comfortable version of the transmission type CVT gear number chassisless steering 2017 1.5L CVT comfortable version of driving wheel drive front suspension type Mcpherson independent suspension type rear suspension trailing arm type independent suspension full size non tire specifications 18560 R15 tire specifications to power type electronic wheel brake 2017 1.5L CVT comfortable version of the front brake disc brake drum type type type parking brake hand type front tire specifications after 18560 R15 Minimum turning driving parameters of 2017 1.5L CVT comfortable edition – close angle – the angle of departure diameter – through the angle – climbing angle – Maximum wading depth – active security configuration 2017 1.5L CVT comfortable version of ABS (ABS) – brake force distribution (EBD CBC) – (BA, EBA BAS and other auxiliary brake / traction control) (ASR TCS) – vehicle stability control (ESP DSC) – automatic parking uphill – assisted descent – active anti roll – lane departure warning and assistant – night相关的主题文章:

How do astronauts live in new homes Secret sky two space black technology – China Network soulseek

How do astronauts live in new homes? The sky two "black space technology" – Beijing Temple No. two, simulation of Aerospace Science and Technology Group held for 22 September 15th 4, the evening of the Mid Autumn Festival, the first space laboratory module complete sense of our number two, successfully flew to the space. In the next month, it will wait for the arrival of Shenzhou eleven in space, the two completed rendezvous and docking, the astronauts set up a space home". By then, the astronauts will work and live here for 30 days, which will also become China’s longest manned flight time. In 2013, China’s 3 astronauts had to stay 15 days in Tiangong-1, verify the "short-term" reside in orbit. This time, the astronauts will stay in the temple before long times to verify the "interim" reside in orbit. This is not easy. How to ensure that astronauts in 30 days of weightlessness environment has a good life, working state? Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter interviewed Temple No. two general development units — the Fifth Research Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to five experts). Decoration: spinning equipment, private calls complete five Tiangong two chief designer Zhu Congpeng told reporters that Tiangong-1’s "simple decoration" is different from the days of two and Shenzhou eleven consisting of "space" home "is a fine decoration". "Fine" to what extent, even interior decoration materials, living facilities, lighting equipment, air environment and other details, can be used to "scientific design" to describe. If the Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven docking assembly, compared to the "space house", then the Tiangong two is the home of "large bay". Zhu Congpeng said, in combination with the division of the Shenzhou temple in work and life, test, sleep, entertainment, garbage storage area etc.. In Tiangong two, astronauts working and living space of about 15 cubic meters. An area of large for astronauts exercise the "treadmill", and work with the "multi function platform", Zhu Zong Peng said, the two used folding way, to the greatest extent save space. In 393 kilometers away from the earth and space, to perform up to 30 day mission, not only is a serious challenge to China’s space security capabilities, but also double test to the astronaut physiology and spirit. This requires the Temple No. two, the large bay, health and entertainment facilities can not be a fall". For example, the treadmill, Tiangong two prepared by spinning". Five Tiangong two spacecraft space laboratory engineer Zhang Yabin introduction, the astronauts have long lived in the ground gravity environment, once in the weightless environment, the body will produce a lot of changes to these changes is called the physiological effects of weightlessness. In order to protect the physiological health of astronauts, fitness equipment is very necessary. Also, tailored for the astronauts fitness artifact – bone loss counter, also known as "against osteoporosis instruments". Zhang Yabin said that this is an important instrument to ensure the health of astronauts in space flight, which hit the human body by the corresponding points of the calf, stimulate the bones, change.相关的主题文章: