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Protecting You Child Online-fkzww

Security The potential of the internet is staggering; its potential as a means of finding information, shopping, socialising, relaxing and generally making our lives easier and richer. It has therefore be.e a perfect place for all of us, but particularly our children, to express ourselves and flourish. However, its potential also extends to those looking to illegally exploit the billions of us logging on, so its vital that we know how to protect our children whenever theyre online. There are perhaps more risks that can potentially affect children when theyre online than adults, but on the other hand it should, in many respects, be easier to keep these risks at an arms length. In addition to the threats that adults encounter, children may also have to be protected from issues ranging from inappropriate content (such as adult sites) to the more sinister threats that some other users pose younger individuals online. A Safe Environment Before allowing your child to access the internet, your first step should be to set up a controlled environment in which your child can get online. That might mean specifying the times of the day in which they can access the .puter (some operating systems now have built in controls to help you with this) but should definitely include setting up a unique account for your child which can then be set to have only limited permissions – for example, not the ability to download and install new programs. Inappropriate Content There is a forum for pretty much anything on the internet and that includes many subjects (and therefore much content) that would be inappropriate for young children to be exposed to. Ideally, as your child grows up you would want to educate them as to these dangers and encourage them to make their own sensible decisions when browsing the web, however it is also sensible to create a safe environment for them using parental controls so that they will not stumble into inappropriate areas by accident. Parental controls can .e in the form of special software or the built in functions in later versions of Windows and Mac OS which will allow you to specify which websites your children will be able to access as well as what activities they will be able to perform on your PC. It is worth spending some time familiarising yourself with these programs to ensure you create a safe but still rewarding environment for your child. It is also worth keeping your browser up to date and ensuring that it is set to block pop up windows so that your children do not see anything they werent expecting to and setting your home page to a child friendly site so that they at least start browsing in a safe environment. You can if you wish also install internet monitoring software which will track your childs online activity if you have any concerns over what they might be seeing or doing. Viruses Before anyone connects to the internet on your PC, you or your child, you should always ensure that you have taken steps to protect the .puter against the threat of malware, or as they tend to be more .monly referred, viruses. Viruses are basically pieces of .puter code which can find their way onto your .puter and then perform actions that you wouldnt want them to such as gleaning personal information from your hard drive, disrupting the running of your .puter and attacking other peoples .puters. The internet offers many ways for them to get around and to propagate and it is a constant battle to keep them at bay however, a few basic steps should give your PC enough protection for you to sleep easy – activate your firewall (most operating systems will have a built in firewall), install antivirus software and run scheduled scans – there are plenty of reliable and free antivirus programs available. Viruses can hide themselves in files and emails that you download to your PC so you should also make you child aware that they should only download and open files and emails that they know are from a reliable and trusted source. Again parental controls can be used to restrict a childs ability to download content which could potentially harbour viruses regardless of whether it is appropriate or not. Many antivirus programs will .e with scanners which can verify the safety of emails and files before they are opened. Email providers, such as Hotmail and Google, and desktop clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird, will attempt to filter out any messages that it thinks might be dangerous as Spam. However, your child should be encouraged to mark any messages that get through the filters as spam if they cant verify where they have .e from, and to raise any concerns with you. Information/Identity theft One of the biggest areas of cybercrime is that of identity theft, through either legally or illegally harvesting personal information. This is an issue for children using the internet just as much as it is for adults – criminals dont mind whose information they can get. The key thing to remember is that once you have put your information into the public domain you have no control over what happens to it. Therefore, you should only submit information to sites and services you trust to keep it secure. Your children should be made aware of these risks and if necessary limited to sites which can be trusted to handle personal information responsibly. By having antivirus software installed you should be protected against the risk of spyware which would attempt to grab personal information from your PC but you children should also be made aware of the risks of responding to emails with personal information or following links back to websites which then request personal information. Emails that appear to be from a trusted source may or may not be a scam but emails really from trusted sources will not request personal information anyway as it is usually an unsecured method of submitting it. Social Networking Often the key driver for children wanting to be online is the opportunity that it offers for them to .municate with their friends and share their interests with them. Children are more likely to be familiar with how these social networking sites work than their parents but they may not be so aware of the potential risks. Bullying (cyberbullying) on social networking sites is a growing concern and it is hard to proactively protect children against it. They should therefore be encouraged to report any instances to you as soon as they happen so that you can either report them to the site administrators and/or remove your child from the site. A key lesson which applies to the whole of the web, but particularly social networking sites is that people may not be who they pretend to be. Children need to be acutely aware of this as they may encounter individuals posing as potential friends who have more unhealthy intentions. Social networking sites encourage sharing and there is a risk that children will share too much information if they are not aware of the consequences. Before allowing a child on a social networking site it they should again be made aware of these risks and it may well be worth working with them to ensure their privacy settings are set to an appropriate level before they start using the site. With all the risks, the key is to have an open dialogue with your child so that they are aware of internet safety , understand the potential threats and feel encouraged to report any issues to you. You cannot prevent every threat but if your child is educated on the dangers and has an open channel of .munication with you, you can steer a safe course and your child will get the most out of the inter.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

How To Use An Rgb Led-splitit

Sales-Training How to Use an RGB LED An RGB LED is actually three LEDs in one bulb. The housing contains separate red, blue and green LEDs which share a .mon cathode, or negative terminal. The brightness of each color is determined by its input voltage. By .bining the three colors in different amounts, you can turn the LED any color you want. This circuit demonstrates the use of an RGB LED by using a potentiometer to control the voltage going to each color. A potentiometer is a variable resistor controlled by a knob, like the volume dial on your stereo. Instructions 1 Connect the battery clip to the power and ground rails of the breadboard. The red wire from the battery clip connects to the power supply rail, and the black wire connects to ground. Do not put the batteries in the clip yet. 2 Place the LED on the breadboard so that the four pins are not connected to each other. Connect the longest pin, the cathode, to ground. Consult your LED’s datasheet to confirm which pin is which, as it may vary with different manufacturers. Calculate the resistor value you will need for each pin. Different color LEDs have different maximum voltage ratings, so consult your LED’s datasheet, which will list the maximum forward voltage for each color. Calculate resistor values using Ohm’s law, which states that resistance equals voltage divided by current, or R = V/I. For each color, subtract the maximum forward voltage from the supply voltage. The result is the voltage you need to drop across the resistor. Plug in the resistor voltage for V, and divide by .02 for current. The result is the minimum resistor value you should use for that color. 4 Connect the first resistor to the positive power rail, and then to the left terminal of a potentiometer. Connect the center terminal of the potentiometer to the appropriate leg of the LED for this color. Connect the right terminal of the potentiometer to ground. Repeat for the other two colors. The potentiometer will act as a voltage divider, so the actual resistance value of the potentiometer is irrelevant. Turning the knob on the potentiometer will set the voltage to any position between 0 volts and the maximum forward voltage, controlling the brightness of the color. 5 Connect the batteries to the clip, and the LED will light up. Control the color by turning the three potentiometer knobs. Each knob controls the brightness of its own color. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

What Should You Look For In Fine Art Paintings For Sale-superrecovery

Photography You have to take a look at too many aspects before you end up buying from the fine art paintings for sale. Buying some of the paintings from the fine art paintings for sale can be a challenging task. It can also be rewarding only when you happen to select the best stuff for yourself. But then there are too many of the .ponents to be seen and checked before you happen to buy any of these. Only when you open up your eyes and check all of this stuff you will be able to get the best. The first on the list is the colors used in the paintings. Most of the times it is the first thing that is noticed by the buyers and it is equally important. You have to see that you first check the same because it is just then that you will get the required shine and effect that you are looking out for. Colors are always known to play a different role at sub conscious level and thus different people react differently to each of the colors. Thus it is important that you check properly and then buy because they will have a greater impact. Next on the list is the size. It is here important that you look out for the right sizes when you are buying fine art paintings for sale. For this it is first suggested that you should have a look at the sizes and analyze what your requirements are. Then when you have the right kind of measurements you will be assured of the fact that you have the best paintings which you can hang to make the place look beautiful. Just see that all the measurements are rightly taken so that there are no extra cuttings of edges to be done. Lastly it is important for you to check the figure and the shape of the fine art paintings for sale. This is going to be something important because it is with this that you will know whether it can attract the attention of a few or not. Choosing the right painting will also help you to not just serve the purpose but also make the place more enigmatic. Hence see that when you are buying the fine art paintings for sale make sure that you pay attention to all of this and the buyer you choose should also be reliable. It is then that you will get the right stuff for you that will also give you good value for money spent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

M Ikke Vre Usikker Bare Plan For Arbejdslshed P Forhnd-66814

Business Krise kan ramme nogens liv p nogen del af tid, isr hvis du er en medarbejder i en privat virksomhed, er der ingen sikkerhed, hvis virksomheden pdrager tab og dens gld er stigende, og det kan komme ind betingelse af, at virksomheden ikke er i stand til at betale for en ansat p grund af konomi krise og frer til den betingelse, at du selv kan blive smidt ud af beskftigelse, skal du lave en ny start for din karriere. Nr du skal lave en frisk start for din karriere og dagene, nr du krer ud af beskftigelse, du har brug for kmpe hrdt for pengene og har brug for at administrere dine penge. Hvis du er en smart medarbejder, kan du planlgge for disse fr hnd ved at foretage kasser. Hvad er a-kasser? UIF er arbejdslshedsforsikringen virksomheder, der yder finansiel sttte til de ledige, der ikke er i stand til at sikre deres job og er smidt ud af beskftigelse p grund af finanskrisen for virksomheden. Hvem er berettiget til a-kasser? De personer, som ikke i jeblikket er under arbejde og foretaget barselsorlov eller sygdom orlov granske job forlader deres nuvrende job, de alle kan benytte for hjlp af A-kasser. Sdan at benytte for UIF? Enhver person, der er i jeblikket under arbejde i mere end 24 timer inden for en mned, kan han / hun benytte for A-kasse ordning facilitet, skal de bidrage med omkring 1 procent eller to procent af deres mnedlige indkomst til virksomheden og p den tid, de er i arbejdslshed, de kan anvende denne fond. Fordele ved disse midler: Du er ndt til at bidrage med en procentdel af lnnen til A-kasse, som du kan bruge p tidspunktet for krisen, men den sikkerhed og dkning afhnger benytter fond, nogle af dem giver Forsikring facilitet sammen med arbejdslshed dkning. Disse fordele kan vre benyttet af alle, der er under barsel, der lider af sygdom og mistede deres job. Fonden giver ogs sikkerhed til familien af den dkkende person i tilflde fik han dd i en ulykke, familien fr fuld sttte og hjlp fra a-kassen. Hvis du granske for et firma, der kunne give dig en hjlpende hnd, nr du krer ind i krise, og hvis du planlgger at benytte for A-kasse, kan du nemt finde disse virksomheder online, er en sdan virksomhed, hvor kan du se om forsikring for din arbejdslshed og handle fornuftigt for at sikre din fremtid og forbered dig p krise p forhnd. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Cure Yourself From Alcohol At Alcohol Rehab-zhongguorentiyishu

Health Alcohol can affects your life, career and relationship and you realize that need to get rid of this addition so that you stop struggling in your life. Quitting alcohol is not quite easily as it sounds to be. The entire process takes not few days but varies from weeks to months. This addition also requires medical attention like any other addiction. A good alcohol rehab can be a great help you if you want to stop your addition. Rehab Needed To quit alcohol you need to go to rehab center because during this period your body is having difficulty adjusting to changes as you have stopped consuming alcohol. It can lead to various complications and sometimes can be fatal so it better to go for alcohol rehab. The body undergoes many changes when you have stopped taking alcohol and it is critical period. The alcoholic can even end this life when the changes are happening. Support When an alcoholic is going through the withdrawal symptoms, then many problems occurs. The problem can be solved with the support of the family and medical guidance. The medical help should be available 24/7 to help the alcoholic. Detoxification To remove the affect of alcohol it needs to be removed from the body that process is called detoxification. It can be done at home also, but it not a safe to done at home. Special facilities are required for detoxifications which are present in the alcohol rehab. They are equipped to remove this habit and help in bring you life back on the track. These rehab facilities have been formed for addicts who are both new and old and who have been again and again relapsing into the same habit. The rules and regulations are very strict which have been helping people to self-discipline and self-control this habit. The environment is good enough to help the person. Medical Staff Despite the strict rules and regulation, the medical staff is very cooperative as to empathize with these people and render emotional support to bring the person out of that habit. Rehab have good medical professional who help in curbing down this habit and coming out of the stress too while withdrawing from alcohol. Alcohol Rehab has a professional team of doctors, nurses and psychotherapists who have been trained to interact therapeutically with the patients. Time Taken The process is a long going one. It highly depends on the individual. Some can control it within weeks and for some it can take months together. Detoxification programs are designed according to individual. Medical professionals have been using different medium to cure the person one such method is milieu therapy. The program is designed according to needs of the individual. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Big Profit Inter. Business Marketing Tactics-pigeon blood

UnCategorized In the internet business marketing, what .es slowly but with big idea is more effective, than what .es immediately with big advertising investments. So the starting point for a profitable and successful internet business marketing is a decent business plan. 1. Build The Brand. The brand for a internet business marketing is much more than the trademark. It is everything, that a target group person meets concerning the business in question. The brand is like a world, where the business moves and all images it can create into the heads of the target persons. When a marketer builds the brand, he should see the results in advance as a short movie about the different actions the trademark does. He should train himself to remember the brand world so well, that he can protect the brand image and at the same time to build it. But most obviously the brand is the most powerful marketing tactics. 2. Create Your Own Products. Your brand gets the maximum power, if you can create your own products, like the digital books, reports or services into the internet. Because the product is totally created by you, you will get all the image benefits, which will also mean nice profits. 3. Use Residual Promotions. When we think the profit building during a long period of time, everything which influences long term is of course very effective. That means the creation of the site, blog, email campaigns, article marketing, blog .entents and the forum writing. Of course if you have the skills to use the social media, the better. 4. Use Organic Traffic. The organic traffic to your sites .es simply from the search engine surfers, who have found out your links. It happens by the method called the search engine optimization, i.e. by lifting your link into the first page of the search result pages. This is a related and converting traffic. 5. Concentrate On The Quality. But the most profitable traffic builder is the high quality of all your material, which you will use in your inter. business marketing. The quality, which means benefits to the users, are what every surfer is looking for. The quality is not only the rational things, which you say or offer, but also the emotional things, i.e. how you will present the offers. Here the brand has a key role, because the brand image can build an emotional added value to the trademark, which can then make the preference in the yeas of the buyers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: