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Arts-and-Entertainment Youd have noted that the Vampire based movies such as the Dracula, Van Helsing and many more to list have be.e greatest hits in the Hollywood. Things arent very different in the case of the novel world. The Vampire based fantasy novels will always create a spark among the readers worldwide. Infact there are thousands of such novels with millions of fans for them around the planet. One such world famous vampire based fantasy novel is the Twilight Series .prising of four great novels of all time. This series which is a love story .bined with the fiction of the existence of Vampires is written by Stephenie Meyer. Now since this article is about a novel based on love story and vampires, I am sure that you will find it very much interesting to read the rest of this passage. The Storyline: Unlike the .mon novels based on the fantasy of Vampires, the Twilight series is based on a rare concept of love between a human and a Vampire. This novel is centered on the changes occurring in the life of young "Bella Swan who falls in love with Edward Cullen who is a Vampire. The Twilight series is written as the life of Bella is narrated by herself. This novel is interesting to read as it covers the purity of love and the excitement of Vampires. The uniqueness of this novel lies in the nature of the vampire Edward to whom Bella falls in love with. Unlike other Vampires who drink human blood, the Vampires of the Cullen Family drink only animal blood. The ending of the novel has the Vampires of the Cullen family defend the human blood drinking Vampires and help Bella to escape to Phoenix, Arizona. The Records The Twilight series has set many records in the novel world. Surveys indicate that over 53 million copies of this novel series have been sold worldwide till date. Twilight series is available in 37 languages too. This book has be.e one of the largest sold books in the United Sates for 3 consecutive years till 2008. The Twilight Fans This novel gathered millions of young fans across this pla.. There are Twilight fan merchandises like Twilight shits, Twilight posters, Twilight Jewelry and much more. The rise of the concept of social .working has given birth to some Twilight Fansites too. These twilight fansites are engaged with groups and forums where the fans of this fantasy novel can share their thoughts. Some of the twilight fansites allow people to express their design ideas to be printed on Twilight T Shits, coffee mugs and other such products. If you still havent read this great fantasy novel, you should really start reading it now. Its for sure that you will be searching for the Twilight fansites as soon as you finish reading the novel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: