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Business Extruded rubber products are used in wide number of industrial application. Their high tensile strength and durability makes them suitable for various types of industrial uses and sealing application. Extruded rubber products can be of various types and sizes from o-ring cord to squares, tubing and rectangle. The size for extruded rubber rectangles generally varies from 2 and half inches in thickness to 15 inch in width. The diameter of the cord is generally 7 inches. Most of the extruder rubber products are made from continuous vulcanization process. The extruded rubber is vulcanized under high pressure inside a vulcanization equipment through a process called microwave process. Here large volume of rubber is passed through hot air tunnel in such a way that the rubber surface is heated evenly. At present this is the most technically advanced cutting edge technology that produces long length of extruded rubber. This makes it more cost effective and thus the process is adapted by most rubber industries. The fields of application of extruded rubber products includes cable, cord and wire coating, strips, rubber profiles and hoses of any kind, tire and v-belt .ponents, roll covering and textile machine apron, bicycle and car tubes, fire fighting hoses and fenders, blanks for press feeding, silicon rubber products and so on. The other processes by which extruder rubber products can be derived are pin barrel extruder, standard extruder, vent extruder and co-extrusion lines. The pin barrel extruder for deriving extruder rubber products includes all features used in high tech modern extrusion technology. Here different rubber mixtures are amalgamated and mixed homogeneously that renders high quality extruded rubber. The vent extruders are specially used to make hoses. The machine removes the rubber mixture with the help of custom built screw and a debasing barrel that has attached vacuum pump. The co-extrusion lines are primarily used in duplex or triplex rubber products for sealing systems and hoses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: