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Quit-Smoking Although its design gives users the impression of a conventional cigarette, electronic cigarettes are not really tobacco products. Since an electronic cigarette UK does not actually produce smoke, it is often used as an alternative nicotine device by people in locations where smoking is prohibited. An E cigarette UK for example, is made up of three parts; a battery, a cartridge containing nicotine and an atomizer. The cartridge containing nicotine is often referred to as Eliquid. These cartridges are replaceable and contain nicotine balanced in propylene glycol and water. There can be variations in the levels of nicotine and the flavorings available in each cartridge. In order to give added attractiveness, some e cigarettes are designed to look like a lit cigarette in reality. They have a light at the end which glows every time the user draws on the device. When the user sucks on an e cigarette, there is a sensor that detects the flow of air and as a result, the liquid in the cartridge is heated up so much that it evaporates. It is this vapor that passes on the nicotine to the user. No side-stream smoke is let out but as the smoker exhales, some nicotine vapor is released into the air. Research suggests that electronic cigarettes are harmless in comparison with actual smoking. However, in order to be completely certain, every new product of this kind that comes into the market has to be tested and certified. If the product you are using is not certified, do not use it. Although it is true that people should be encouraged to stop smoking, E cigarettes are mainly used for that group of people who want to stop smoking due to its negative health effects but are unable to stop due to pure addiction. For these people, e cigarettes give them their required dosage of nicotine in a safe way that does not include the harmful toxins that exist in tobacco. Majority of the diseases that are linked to smoking are due to the continuous inhaling of smoke that contains all these harmful toxic chemicals. In contrast, the nicotine delivered in e cigarettes is a relatively safe way of smoking. Furthermore, since electronic cigarettes do not actually produce smoke, the second hand smoke exposure is completely eliminated. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: