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Ecommerce Whether you already own an offline shop or just dream of starting a virtual shop, an online store site can boost your business. There are so many options available! A virtual store based on a php shopping cart script will open up a new world of opportunity and help to put relationships with customers, partners and manufactures to a new rewarding level. A wide range of ecommerce solutions and platforms is available nowadays. Choosing the right ecommerce system is an important step. Plan your ecommerce business carefully before you start. The plan should be realistic, measurable and attainable. There are a couple of recommendations which should be taken into account setting goals, doing what fits and planning actions. According to recent Forrester research, more than 7 out of every 10 customers abandon their shopping carts. The main reasons are high product, shipping, handling costs and customers being not ready to purchase. Alongside with planning its necessary to understand business objectives and compare them with shopping cart script functionality. Professional developers or agencies can give you a hand in comparing and finding the ecommerce solution which will perfectly match your business, allow creating a comprehensive shopping service for your current and future customers. Finally, choose your php shopping cart script vendor meticulously. Its recommended to investigate the company background, product success stories, all free and extra services you may need. PilotGroup.Net is a well-known developer of solutions for e-business with 10 years of successful work in the market. The company is about to release a new product VimCart. VimCart is a PG shopping cart script for new or existing online stores. Check VimCart official website (, subscribe to software Beta-tester program and receive 20% discount! About the Author: ** Pilot Group Ltd focuses on developing, selling solutions for e-business and technically supporting its customers. We develop solutions in different business fields: real estate, dating, ecommerce, e-learning, and others. Check our ecommerce system at Article Published On: – Ecommerce 相关的主题文章: