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Health Those Hollywood stars—those Catherine zeta Joneses and Madonnas and Cindy Crawfords—-they never cease to astonish me with their fabulous bodies and ravishing good looks even after childbirth. While motherhood brings immense joy and happiness for any woman, the physical changes following pregnancy and child birth are not welcome at all. Yet, the common women of our mother’s generations had to put up with their cosmetic woes which they were rather used to take for granted. But today’s women do not have to; today there are a range of exciting plastic surgery options to give you back the flawless figure you used to be so proud of! Benefits Why these postpartum cosmetic procedures seem to be so exciting? Because they come with a host of benefits—in addition of help you regain your pre-pregnancy form or even better than that, they are characterized by simple procedures and quick recovery, allowing you in most of the cases to return home the same day of the operation. Thus it neither requires another break from your work place nor parting with your new born for long days. These procedures help you enjoy your motherhood in a relaxed manner. Here are your options of postpartum cosmetic procedures: Breast Lifting (Mastopexy) Due to increase in the numbers of milk glands, the breasts expand in size during pregnancy and after childbirth, as you go on breastfeeding, the milk glands gradually shrink, and fat tissues are also lost causing a sagging of breast. To get back the previous toned look, you can take help of this outpatient procedure called "mastopexy" that reduces sagging by removing excess skin. After the skins on the lower half of the breasts are tightened, the breasts get a lift and starts looking firmer. Abdominoplasty or Lipectomy Your abdomen becomes the home of your baby for nine months and the sign of this habitation stays there in your abdomen for life long. Not only most women get a tummy after child birth, the abdominal skin also starts sagging and there appear these ungainly stretch marks and other scratch marks. The procedure of Lipectomy can help you get rid of the excess skin that lies below your navel, giving your abdomen a flat and toned look and in the process the stretch marks and scars also disappear. However, if you have only a small amount of excess skin, a mini-lipectomy can do for you. Stomach Tightening for Muscle Bulges The stomach muscles are often separated from an expanded uterus and many women find it difficult to reconnect them despite rigorous exercise. But, this condition can be repaired with surgery that is usually covered by health insurance. Liposuction New mothers commonly complain of their inability of losing fats from certain areas of their bodies such as thighs, buttocks and upper arms. These localized fat deposits can be removed by an outpatient procedure called liposuction. However, for removing larger amounts of fat, you will need ultrasonic liposuction. Labioplasty Labia in the vaginal area get badly damaged during a normal delivery. This damage can be repaired by a labioplasty which can be performed on outpatient basis under local or general anesthetic taking only a few days recovery time. Nothing gives you more pleasure than having a baby. The post partum cosmetic procedures enable you to doubly enjoy motherhood without bothering about the obvious physical damages followed by childbirth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: