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A bowl of beef noodles to mute open mouth – rule of law – the people’s original title: a bowl of beef noodles let dumb hobo police said Du Mou hiding abandoned houses. The day before, Wuhan temperatures plunged, Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone police rescue vagrants, a deaf mute suddenly fled to the top of the mountain. The police caught him, a bowl of fragrant beef noodles. "Deaf" deeply moved out of their own initiative, the secret hidden for 8 years: he is a fugitive who are charged with the murder, over the years has been wandering now want to go back to brave the wind and dew, sin, see yearn day and night. The police come to rescue strange wanderer has recently escaped the strong cold wave struck, in East Lake New Technology Development Zone Public Security Bureau to deploy, Huashan police station and street office together, the area needs to rescue personnel to carry out inspections combing. 23 PM to 4 am, that song village at an abandoned house in a "dumb" tramp, Sheng Zhongcheng police immediately drove the search, found in the mountain side of the demolished buildings remaining half door, was standing in the cold wind. Open the door, a figure whoosh jumped out, washed up on the mountain road. Think of the mountain steep and stony, police worried that the man behind the safety side Bianhan up, but that person be careless with, run faster. Finally, near the top in 2000 meters, tired of deaf mute was controlled by the police, and was brought back to the police station. Change of beef noodles make him talk was on the 8 year exile in the police station, "deaf" confusely with dishevelled hair and a dirty face. But the police soon found that he can understand others speak, just pretend. Police judge, who is bound to hide a huge secret. The police open indoor heating, hot water and for the end, let the man put on a coat. The man’s mood slowly relaxed, the police repeatedly asked, began to speak a word to a word, but he provides a continuous three names and addresses are not checked. The man was silent again. At this time, Sheng bought a large bowl of beef noodles. When the fragrant beef noodle end, man’s tears brim over with tears. The beef noodles ate, he unthinkingly first sentence to make the police surprised: "I caught 8 years ago, killed one person!" Originally, the man surnamed Du, 31 years old this year, from Sichuan Junlian County, in March 2008, he fled after killing his girlfriend’s father. Walk around the five provinces run garbage for food to keep a secret for 8 years finally ends, remove the "burden" of this moment, Dumou speech off the reel a get out of hand. According to Du Mou says, he escaped from home, did not dare to take any means of transport, walking in Chongqing, Yunnan, after Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei five provinces and cities, living a vagrant life. 8 years, he slept in the underground passage, shed, live in barren mountain temple, abandoned house, thirsty to drink water, hungry for food from the garbage heap. He played in order to hide their identity, do not communicate with anyone. Nevertheless, he is still suffering, almost every night nightmares, dressed in the daytime to see the system相关的主题文章: