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Computers-and-Technology SANTA CLARA, Calif. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Renesas Electronics America, Inc. today announced the RX600 microcontroller (MCU) expansion of the ecosystem. The new products include a Wi – Fi (802.11n) the Red Pine Allied Signal, from the IAR compiler system support, and a variety of RTOS from Micrium and, SEGGER, CMX and FreeRTOS support the development of middleware package. "RX600 Series microcontrollers is a very flexible line, we are committed to providing the public with a wide range of solutions to support the reception of the designers said," is limited to Ritesh Tyagi, director, microcontroller market, Renesas Electronics America company. "Renesas, the United States is working with selected technology partners to enhance the ecosystem RX microcontroller to provide greater flexibility for the design of the solution using the RX MCU design engineers." Embedded Wi – Fi (802.11n) RX62N microcontroller kit Renesas United States and Red Pine signals have jointly developed the 802.11a/b/g/n wireless connectivity solutions that make it easy for system engineers to join low-power, single-stream 802.11n Wi – Fi capabilities of the embedded system, the use of Renesas’ RX600 micro-controller. These solutions are based on connection – IO of non-tuberculous mycobacteria in Red Pine Signal Module (, it can easily design new systems and upgrades are Some products provide reliable wireless data communications while meeting the stringent power and high throughput requirements. The Connect – io the – N of the 802.11n module fully independent, Renesas customers may at any time of electronic products integrated into any existing Renesas MCU-based systems, including the R8C, RX600 and the SuperH (Shanghai) Family Equipment designed and built them. Modules of the Red Pine offers SPI and UART interfaces, and provides powerful and ultra-low power consumption, more than 10 seconds each (Mbps) megabytes SPI interface, wireless connection, or the UART interface up to 4Mbps. And a pair of TCP / IP and Web applications within the Wi – Fi module embedded options, the connection – io the – N of the module can be very small micro-controller driver footprint: less than 9 kilobytes SPI Interface (KB ) and less than 2KB of the UART for the interface. With the FCC and other equivalent certification in other parts of the modular certification, these modules to the existing RX-based future Wi – Fi, 802.11n, functional design is easy to improve. The RX62N the Wi – Fi toolkit will provide a $ 199 starting in November 2010 by Red Pine signal. (Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.) Powerful development tool environment for RX Since the 2009 launch of the RX MCU family, Renesas has been a steady introduction of new equipment, functions, tools and partnerships to expand the micro-controller functions. Renesas supports a comprehensive and proprietary hardware / software tools and third-party RX600 micro-controller. Renesas offers popular high-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW’s) integrated development environment (IDE). The HEW, including the RX – optimizing C / C + + integrated support for low-cost chip E1 of the JTAG debug tools, and comprehensive high-speed track corresponding to the original museum E20-chip debugging tools compiler. Third-party real-time operating systems, middleware, communication protocol stack, support, and color graphics is a partner of Renesas Electronics manufacturers to the global community. Of a new product is one of the best test can easily use it "out of the box." Micrium has delivered innovation in particular the "tools" support the RX series. First of all, the book, C / OS in three: Jean La Rose by the real-time kernel, has recently been published and provide the Renesas Developers Conference 2010.This book all of the participants included 700 pages of valuable information on how to using a kernel, and about 200 pages to the practical implementation of hands-on practice using the Renesas RX62N companion evaluation board (YRDKRX62N, Micrium C company has ported the / of the TCP – IP in the RX series of the implementation of the C / Probe, Micrium’s award-winning run-time data monitoring tool. Micro-controller / probe to obtain the target data can also be SEGGER the J – RX series of links. Micrium’s RTOS additional modules are portable, and will be announced shortly. "The RX is a very clean framework to address current and future processing needs, said:" Let La Rose, founder, president and CEO of Micrium. "In the RX MCU’s built-in floating point unit (FPU), the manipulation of real-life engineering applications breeze, and the RX of the DSP function, is a must have high-speed filtering and signal processing. Renesas when taken care of , receive instruction set definition, so. for the efficient use of high-level language, for today’s embedded applications are necessary in the "More information is available at rx_family. SEGGER introduced the Renesas microcontroller in the receiver market leading technology solutions, providing a wide range of development and production tool solutions. The portfolio includes embOS, this is a low resource usage optimization of real-time operating system; emWin, a package of professional graphics; embOS / IP protocol, the fastest of the IP protocol stack for embedded systems; emFile, with complex functions, such as log file system and flash memory wear standards; and emUSB, USB device / host stack. A sample package can be downloaded from the Internet SEGGER also launched a debugging tool to receive the fastest on the market. Time-tested J – Link emulator and enhanced J – Link now offers ultra Renesas emulator to receive e-platform support. "Electronics and Renesas Renesas RX family very attractive introduction of electronic equipment. We believe that Renesas RX line will be a very successful family of microcontrollers, said:" Dirk Akemann, partnership marketing manager, SEGGER. "Electronics and Renesas as the result of close cooperation, our embedded software, testing and production tools are in use Renesas started to receive the right equipment. To Renesas electronic RX62N new RDK development kit is already fully SEGGER complete range of products, including market-leading J – Link as a circuit board solutions, supported by the emulator. Our middleware perfectly fit the RX mature core and peripheral equipment. " CMX Systems, a real-time operating system, renowned designer, TCP / IP stack, file system and USB flash memory software, now offers a wide range of deployment CMX – RTX real-time operating system, compact CMX – MicroNet the TCP / IP protocol stack , fully functional CMX-TCP/IP stack, as well as CMX, farmer field schools in a variety of flash e-RX600 Renesas MCU series file system. The CMX – USB host and device software will be available soon. CMX offers all the products are free technical support, no complete source code of the royalties. "CMX is pleased to provide our electronic Renesas RX600 Series embedded software product suite, said:" Chuck Behrmann, CMX Systems CEO. "We have to provide electronic solutions for Renesas MCU Series track record, we expect RX600 MCU customers will be to speed up application development, and reduce the memory and flash memory used in embedded software design into our RX600 based on the same benefits." More information is available at FreeRTOS fully maintain the current has released its popular operating system for a specific communication protocol stack based system RX62N RX port. Recognizing the compiler choose to receive a wide range of equipment available the advantages of three separate port has been developed to support the Renesas, IAR Systems and GNU tool chain. Running on each port, including the design, including the Renesas Starter Kit (RSK) and Renesas Technology Demonstration Kit (RDK) demonstrates the number of application platforms. These range from simple demonstrations of the operating system using the main function of the number of (a ball for the goal of the startup application development design) for a complete TCP / IP, Web server flashes. Most importantly, these ports are available for download, is in full accordance with the modified GPL license or technical support and OpenRTOS (charges) Warranty (FreeRTOS’s) royalty-free. More information is available at IAR Embedded Workbench provides a highly optimized C and C of the RX Series MCU + + .piler, and receive e-ABI’s full .pliance with Renesas. It can also provide electronic elements E1 and E20 Renesas and other third-party hardware debugging integrated debugging. IAR Systems RTOS brings the .pletely tested and / middleware in the industry a wide range of network middleware for the RX series of eco-system support. "IAR Systems is very pleased to work with Renesas and support of its new RX series MCU. The new 32-bit microcontrollers allows customers to work in high-performance design, operation, and at the same time provide a very low power consumption, said: "Nadeem Shehayed, U.S. General Manager, IAR Systems. "Recently, our .piler for the RX reference studies show that advantages of the IAR Embedded Workbench for the RX MCU generation with small memory footprint and efficient software." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: