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UnCategorized This article is being written due to my new marriage. I have made the perfect wedding along with my perfect groom and it’s creating such a wonderful and special feeling. Our wedding’s theme was of a South Indian, Teluga persuasion. In order to make sure we encountered no problems with our wedding, we offered prayers to Lord Vinayaka. I shopped for my wedding saree. A lot of Indian brides decide to wear one for their wedding. It is considered suspicious to wear yellow or red sarees in your wedding and black is always to be avoided. A big mistake that a lot of women make is to avoid eating before the wedding so that they may drop down a few dress sizes. To apply a crash diet while in the middle of crazy wedding planning will only aid in making the brides look worn out and exhausted during the wedding and in the photos. I would re.mend one to eat the right amount of the right food. Since preparing for the wedding can be exhausting, it’s best to drink a lot of water and fruit juices. There was one wedding I had attended and for a split second I believed I was at the wrong wedding! My friend appeared to look like someone else with way too much makeup on. It is best to keep it simple and have a trial run done. This will ensure that you look amazing. It’s your wedding, make sure you look the best you ever have. Food is a very big part of any wedding. It is fairly standard at a wedding dinner to offer 10-15 entrees, 4-5 sides, and 4-5 starters. A large portion of Indian dishes are vegetarian. Some of these dishes are, vegetable curries, fried vegetables,naan, dosa, sambaar, daal, rasam, biryani, and plain rice. Serving desserts on special occasions, like your wedding, is considered to be favored by fortune. Several popular desserts are, kheer, barfee, laddu, jalebi, halwa, gulab jamun, roshugulla, and also sweets prepared with dried fruits like cashews, almonds, and raisins. Sweets made with dried fruits, like cashews, almonds, and raisins are a good idea. It is not un.mon for pre-wedding events to take place for several days at both the bride’s and groom’s homes. For the bride’s side, a very popular event is the mehandi function. The bride’s hands are elaborately decorated with ornate designs using Henna. Sangeet is another popular event where everyone from the bride and groom’s families do nothing but sing and dance and have dinner together for a whole night. Sangeet is a very popular event. It is not un.mon for Indian weddings to be very extravagant and include hundreds of guests. These celebrations can last anywhere from several days to an entire week. It is customary for all pre-wedding formalities to be paid for by the bride’s side of the family. You should be able to find some video footage of Indian weddings on the inter.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: