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.puters-and-Technology If you are shopping for quiet, dependable and innovative power supplies, you will be more than content with any of Antec’s products. They attempt to deliver products to their users that not just meet but exceed their expectations. They firmly believe their user’s .puter experience needs to be all around reliable, quiet and cool. The EarthWatts Series are among the most efficient power supplies on the planet. They save you money and also save the environment. All three of the EarthWatts designs are 80 Plus certified and fully equipped with universal input that will automatically work on any power grid on the planet. They have 80mm soft noise cooling fans. The EarthWatts green series will offer you extra power and lessen your electric bill. Both designs meet the Bronze standard of efficiency from 80 Plus which is the most broadly well-known independent standard in power supply efficiency. They too incorporate 80mm soft noise cooling fans. The TruePower Quattro Series can be chosen in three diverse designs with 850, 1000 and 1200 watts, and 12 volt outputs, ensuring that you will have stable power for numerous graphics cards and powerful processors. Modular cabling lets you join only the cables that you will need for your system. All are 80 Plus certified providing high efficiency and low environmental impact. They are .pact and, at the same time, ideally suited for managing the most challenging system specs. The four 12 volt rails will increase your system stability by letting you distribute your power. The Signature Series is Antec’s advanced line of high end performance power supplies. This line marries cutting edge technology, rigorous testing and great design. The DC to DC regulator modules ensure premier system stability and the 80mm cooling fans utilize pulse width modulation for exceptionally quiet operation. Antec utilizes industrial grade protection circuitry that prevents damage resulting from short circuits, over voltages and over current. This series is 80 Plus bronze certified, which means they are substantially more efficient than typical power supplies. .bining 1200 watts of stable and quiet power with leading-edge efficiency and style, the Antec 1200 Series blasts ahead of the .petition. Six +12V rails deliver unbeatably stable power that receives the rare 80 PLUS Silver distinction, the top independently certified standard in energy efficiency. Factor in the ultra-quiet Pulse Width Modulation fan, highly developed cable management and the stylish racing stripe paint job, and the 1200 beats every other power supply out there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: