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Mobile-Cell-Phone The reach and impact of mobile phones has been recognized. Mobile phone makes around the world are adhering to the demands of the buyer. They are trying to maximize the foothold of their consumer base. Mobile phones are the future carriers of convergent technologies. There is increased participation from makes and every one is trying to have a bigger slice in the pie. India has registered an abundant growth in mobile phone sales. At least a 20% growth in sales is expected in 2008, which is alluring more makes to enter into the market. Brands like Nokia mobile phones, Samsung mobile phones etc are paving to get the maximum share of the market. Due to the augmentation in .petition manufactures are deploying ways to reduce the cost of the mobile phone. Mobile handsets are divided into categories like the entry-level models, mid-range products, high-range handsets and lifestyle phones. The entry-level models are constantly striving to lower their prices and at the same time offer additional features. The rise in .petition is forcing handset makers to lower their cell phone costs while at the same time find ways to expand revenue by converging other services and facilities. The reason for dropping prices is breaking into the rural sector and establishing a grip. As the device is made .mon, people are looking out for mobile phones which standout or are lifestyle models. The lowered price of the phones is indirectly boasting the sales of the higher-end handsets. Technology is advancing and the division of mobile phone categories is being made evident by price range, features and services provided. A mobile shop offers various options and brands to choose from and you buy a mobile phone as per your needs. The heavy reduction in phone prices is enabling buyers to get a variety of options in a given price range. The lowering of the mobile phone cost is also triggered by lowered call rates and extended services. The ability of the user to be able to use the mobile phone to the full potential and also have scope for some advancement is increasing the usage and the need of mobile phones. Thus the prime requirement of the mobile phone manufacturers is to extend their brand across all possible sectors and cover up for the saturated markets. The mobile phone makers are thus finding out ways of lowering the rates of their mobile phones and expanding their business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: