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There are always going to be so called ‘experts’ that want to tell you what product is the best wrinkle cream for face revitalization. However, the average person may be confused and wonder if they are listening to the right person. One of the ways of helping us to choose is to see what studies have been conducted by scientists who test products to find out which ones work the best. The research they do is often supported by testing products on volunteers to see which ones show a significant improvement. For example, tests have recently been conducted on antioxidants and dietary supplements. The results from these tests have shown some promise when it comes to helping to reduce wrinkles. One particular product that has been tested is coenzyme Q10. This was used in a substance that was applied to the skin and the results showed improvement in the amount of wrinkles as well as the moisture levels. This is an antioxidant that is known to counteract the free radicals which are responsible for the most cellular damage. The most amazing results were recorded after volunteers used Functional keratin. In only three days, new skin cells were developing at the rate of a 160% increase. This is like finding the fountain of youth. This tells you immediately that these two ingredients should be in the best wrinkle cream for face revitalization. With results like this, there should be no question that these two ingredients work extraordinarily well. The biggest hurdle comes in getting the ingredients mixed to the right consistency to have the best results. Both of these ingredients must be combined with others to make the cream that will do the most good. This is where some companies make their mistake. The ingredients that are used to mix with Functional Keratin and Coenzyme Q10 must be the proper formula to allow the ingredients to be absorbed by the skin. Some companies saw the results of these studies and started using these two ingredients to formulas they had. This was not the right mixture so therefore their mixture did not have the results shown earlier. The formula needed to be changed altogether rather than just adding a couple of ingredients to the one they were using. Products that use petroleum based ingredients with other beneficial ones are not going to work because the petroleum will keep the other ones from penetrating the skin. This is one reason for avoiding mineral oil and other ingredients containing petroleum. Because most manufacturers use petroleum their products are basically useless. This is a cheap way of making the product and the petroleum is a cheap filler. This is what big companies like to do when producing a product for general use. By doing this they are getting the maximum amount of profits for the least amount of materials. The name of the game is to make as much money as possible. 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