August private champion Luo Weiguang unexpectedly by a 12 placards placards had high return 爱多vcd

Even by August private champion Luo Weiguang A shares 12 placards placards had high return Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Once the private champion Luo Weiguang and his new value investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the new value) in Guangdong after years of ups and downs, and finally re champion two words hanging hook. The latest data show that in August, Luo Weiguang’s "sunshine placards 1" return rate as high as 66.89%, sit in one fell swoop performance rankings in the top spot in the month. The concern is that Luo Weiguang this "turnaround" may be just the moment many private crazy placards a microcosm of the A-share market A. 12 finally get high return placards Luo Weiguang is involved in the A shares of the company’s earlier private placards. Last November, the "securities" reporter Luo Weiguang connection, he said the two level of market volatility is too large, the future will focus on equity investment, including through placards to participate in the operation of listed companies. He had a month Jupai four listed companies. And as of now, according to the latest statistics of the third party, Luo Weiguang a total of 12 listed companies placards. A large number of placards, Luo Weiguang returns in August this year, at the helm of the "sunshine placards No. 1 to yield 66.89% with private single month champion. It is obvious that, in this list, 4744 were included in the ranking of the private placement, the average yield of only 1.63%, far run over the same period in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange rose by 3.87% in the same period of 300. Get together into many private Luo Weiguang placards placards listed companies only private placards of the tip of the iceberg. The number of public display, since this year, at least 15 placards behavior in the Chinese fund industry association filed sunshine private equity fund, involving 10 listed companies. In 7, 8 February will have 4 companies are private equity funds placards. The "securities" reporter noted that a growing trend, in addition to the new value, placards private branch of China Merchants, Chong Xiang potential private equity and other famous, also appeared many little-known private. Newly Hui technology relai Jiayu ball placards, placards, placards capital Yongan pharmaceutical Shangyuan Boxing shares Tibet Kang Sheng investment. "In addition to such a potential Xiang placards, listed companies suffered a black swan event resulting in investment losses, most private placards return of more than two market. This is the main motivation for private participation." China Merchants said one person. Two extreme caution blind risk "securities" reporter learned that the two extreme phenomenon in the process of a private placards, placards are of good quality and promising company. The two is a tendency of delisting placards "shell" companies, such as the original China investment Hung Road Star Fund Manager Sun Jiandong created in Chang nine biochemical etc.. Research on financial report case showed that the current situation of private listed companies placards are three main ways: one is the Chinese listed company’s resources, such as free cash flow, with the appreciation of the space of land; the two is playing on the placards相关的主题文章: