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Shanghai documents for the Finland tourism strategy tips – Sohu on the Finland tourism can not fail to mention the quintessence of Finland — the sauna. If you do not have a sauna in the hometown of sauna, it is not equal to Finland. In addition to the sauna, before you plan to come to Finland, you may be curious about some things, want to know more. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This small general schedule for your questions here! Finland is the best tourist season in what time? It depends on what you want to experience. If you love the snow, and enjoy winter activities, so during December to March is the best season; if you like the spring sunshine and fresh from winter awakening Nature, then the election of April to May; if you want to experience a long and warm summer, to participate in the activities of rich, will be in 6, 7 8, three months to Finland; if you want to watch the colorful autumn leaves, then from 9 to October is definitely the best time. Don’t speak Finnish, in Finland can do it? If you can speak English, you won’t have any problems. The official language of Finland is Finnish and Swedish, but most Finns will speak fluent, at least can make people understand english. Where can I see the northern lights? In the north of Finland Lapland, have the opportunity to see the northern lights coming from the end of August April. Auroral activity is most frequent at the beginning and end of the auroral season. What about the midnight sun? The midnight sun has to go to Lapland. In the northernmost part of Finland, U F Yogi (Utsjoki), from mid May to the end of July, the sun on the horizon for up to two months. In southern Lapland between June and July, the sun will last for a month. Moreover, most of the time in summer, can experience the night in Finland area no matter which. Finland and Chinese within a few hours? Finland time is GMT (GMT) 2 hours earlier. China and Finland time: daylight saving time is 5 hours, winter time is 6 hours. The EU begins from the last Sunday of March, this day, put the clock ahead one hour; summer last Sunday to the end of October, then put the clock back an hour. Finland uses 24 hours of time to carry, such as shops will have such a mark: 09:00-21:00 or 07:00-19:00. How about the water quality in Finland? 80% of the water in Finland has been assessed as a special pure grade. The quality of tap water in Finland is higher than that of bottled water, and it is free to drink all over the country. In the hotel where you stay, as long as the water faucet to the coldest of the file, the release of water is drinking water. Do you need a tip in Finland? Finland has little tradition of tipping, but it is becoming more common recently. In fact, hotels, restaurants and taxi prices are included in the service fee, do not have to tip. If you are particularly satisfied with the service, you can also give some. The locker room costs 2 euros, usually written on the sign. What to do if you lose something in Finland? If you have lost personal belongings in other cities in Finland, please contact the local police. How in Finland.相关的主题文章: