Mercedes Benz new x pickup concept car official figure is very luxurious interior (video) 若槻ゆうか

Mercedes Benz new X pickup concept car official figure is very luxurious interior recently, Mercedes Benz officially released its new X (Concept X-CLASS) two pickup concept car official figure. It is understood that the Mercedes Benz X production version will be launched in Europe at the end of 2017, the car from Mercedes Benz and the Renault Nissan Alliance co production, which was put into operation in 2017 in Barcelona Nissan factory production in 2018 in Argentina Colva more Renault factory, the future main market is Europe, South America, South Africa and australia. Look at the following points: 1, this paper is finished half of Benz X level (Concept X-CLASS) two pickup concept car official map; 2 Mercedes Benz X production version will be launched by the end of 2017; 3 stylish Explorer (new fashion Explorer) and powerful adventurer (a powerful adventure two models for choice); 4 Benz positioning concept pickup truck X for medium-sized pickup, is truly defined as high-end pickup models, its R & D investment of up to 9 digits (Euro). This is a real luxury off-road pickup, Mercedes Benz X stylish Explorer (the first run pickup Explorer stylish Explorer (Fashion) fashion appearance, the Explorer) stylish Explorer (Fashion Explorer) look towards the SUV characteristics, the body is white metallic paint, equipped with a 22 inch light Aluminum Alloy rim. The tail board equipped with LED lamp group with a ring, the cargo compartment is equipped with sealing cover. Interior, the interior of the car with a dual color, and the appearance of echoes. Upper console and seat by nubuck leather wrapped, veneer for smoky oak, atmosphere and fashion. The vehicle power has not been announced, the car car (micro-blog) will continue to focus on. Stylish Explorer powerful adventurer (Fashion Explorer) (strong adventurer) appearance, compared to the powerful adventurer fashion explorer, the appearance of more off-road performance, it can carry out it from a height of 1.9 metres in the car, the front grille is double banner shape, with prominent black body assembly the wheel cover and front and rear double winch, the cargo is an open type design, and with a fixed frame of black board. Powerful adventurer (strong adventurer) interior part, with the same appearance, the car interior also uses a similar color collocation and appearance, and the abolition of the luxury wood trim, red fire extinguisher and console panel without any modification can easily become the focus of vision. Powerful adventurer (strong adventurer) power, the car will be equipped with V6 diesel engine, 4MATIC AWD system, and with a low speed torque amplification block and two differential lock, which has 3.5 tons of towing capacity.相关的主题文章: