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Crazy people made 4 biochemical, find out the reason after a good pregnancy maternal and child – Sohu since 88 years of age I, the problem we want to get married to the child, pregnant for the first time, that time in doing business because not too much attention, my friend said I can not walk, joking that is not pregnant. I don’t care too much about the topic, so in the past, I really very early in the morning of the second day the captain, but a dark day light, because the first arms do not understand, go to the hospital, the doctor for blood, hCG how much I forget, like more than and 500, what BC couldn’t see, the doctor said that may be too small for a week in the past, I was waiting at home for a week early pregnancy or not to deepen, BC still can not see, the doctor began to say all is not good, ectopic pregnancy, abortion, this time from the hospital back To appear in the evening coffee secretion, the family are anxious to find acquaintances for the hospital, the result is the same. I go home, and so on, to start Baidu, know the seeding network of these sites, under the made software, began to learn and understand. When I left my baby for 48 days, I feel very sad, cry for a long time, do a small confinement. I heard after biochemical more easily, I have prepared a four day biochemical bleeding, menstruation, I started my pregnancy, bought the ovulation test strips were detected in Qiangyang, again, really did not expect pregnant, I am glad, just tell her husband and family did not say, like last time, afraid of empty joy, bad things happened, early pregnancy is not deepened, the 42 day and the biochemical. The beginning of the inspection, the husband checks everything is normal, I check anti sperm antibody weak Yang, three months of medication, with condoms, to review the good for three months. Would this easy to relapse in contraception for one month, can have a husband don’t want to take a set, that time I think one should be no problem, I will not ask, but that once again, after two days to third days had a stomachache. Like the previous two times the feeling of pain, I want to cry, sleep at night, bleeding, woke up flow out of a clot, I washed it, really something, like the previous two, this time is very small, I’m afraid, my family also worried, and began to eat medicine. Styled is really the case, see some Chinese over the past six months is not pregnant, went to Hefei a famous doctor, registration fees are too expensive, I went to check a series, no problem. The doctor said later angiography, my uterus mediastinum, do need surgery, laparoscopy, stomach holes that husband listened, answered a word, do not do, I asked why, he said that children don’t never let you suffer, just mention this husband is different. I can’t stand, I took over the inspection report to our hospital and asked the doctor, the doctor is a doctor in Hefei that they all know this man, he read the report saying Never mind because the mediastinum is very small, not the biochemical reasons. So I began to prepare pregnant, check last month without her, her husband also want to, do not know not ovulation, even a few evenings and again, this month.相关的主题文章: