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Japanese heritage Hara Takashio love tea dessert – Sohu and "Pik cited the wind constantly, white floating photocoagulation bowl" is the Tang Dynasty poet Lu Tong to praise the green tea. From the Tang China with green tea, thriving in japan. Japanese Matcha various desserts, more attractive, not only beautiful, but also taste good. Japan too far, but very close to Xiao yuan. From the Japanese Wagashi shop is the inheritor of Hara Takashio, the Japanese green tea series dessert to Xiamen, currently in the SM phase two each season opened the first beauty counters of their own, to bring the gospel of tea lovers. The classic of tea from seven with Japanese pronunciation (Mochi), after eight months of research and development on seven, which belongs to the Shinohara family launched the first product quality, the taste is not to say, people can not use language to express, the moment can only feel with seven entrance charm. It is perfect Matcha another surprise, seemingly simple appearance, some people can not forget the taste. When you open the box with the same color of green tea, a refreshing green eye, gently picked up the green tea fragrance, refreshing and silky. Not only in the color lure or the heart, the entrance of the moment, people surprise. Gently into the mouth, with the entrance of the mouth temperature that is only the taste of the Qiao Qiao can do so. Shinohara home tea cake volume is also very love to eat, once can not forget, is a classic tea cake and white cream blending, and I love the taste of Bing Bing, into the freezer, let the cream slightly hardened, tastes like ice cream and cake body fusion. This cake has three flavors available, in addition to the classic, with red beans, there is even butter with tea, it is too sweet. Green tea and a Tiramisu amaze me to new products, milk fragrance and Matcha cheese together as sweet and smooth, silky taste of intoxicated people. Because with green tea powder in taste more fresh and not greasy, even if not love sweets you can try it. Melaleuca so lovely, how can the lack of Matcha Melaleuca in color is very lovable. The thin crust with light cream wrapped in each other together, mingled with each other, and green tea cream fusion, is another kind of delicious and yearning. Here is really more water and tea desserts, cakes, tea jelly and Shingen Wagashi, the drunken beauty. Especially Wagashi, beautiful sculpt in the eyes, in fact, the process is extremely complex, from raw materials to finished products, need a very long time. The quality of home to Xiao Yuan nine Chengdu is the raw material procurement in Japan Shinohara teacher: Name: Makotoshinohara Ko address: Xiamen SM Plaza two floor 2, every quarterly Ruby counter telephone: 18559762948 WeChat: Xiao Yuan home tea相关的主题文章: