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Yield blowing spring demand steady rise in Shanghai and Shanghai easy to rise or fall Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter intern reporter Zheng Jun reporter Guan Ping this year, the global zinc production effect, zinc prices continued to rise. From the beginning of the year, LME zinc futures prices rose by more than 40%, the Shanghai zinc futures contract also rose by 30%, reaching a high of over the past 5 years. Insiders said that as long as the zinc mine production is not the end of the story, there is still room for the rise of Shanghai zinc. Shanghai zinc bath "cut fairy tale" it is understood that the global distribution of zinc ore is relatively concentrated, mainly distributed in Peru, Mexico, Australia, China, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) released statistics show that last year the global zinc mineral resources reserves of about 2 tons, has declined for two consecutive years. According to the world’s annual output of about 13000000 tons of zinc ore, zinc ore reserves currently only around the world for about 15 years. "The current tight supply of zinc zinc prices continued strong reason." China Futures researcher Li Xiaowei said that the reduction of zinc ore has been a topic of speculation in recent years, but because of the higher profits of manufacturers and smelting enterprises, leading to the production of mine has not been actually reduced. She pointed out that this year the situation of zinc ore contraction actually landed. In the first half, affected by the depletion of zinc ore resources and low price factors, Australia’s Cenyury mine, Ireland’s Lisheen mine and other mines have been shut down, is expected to reduce the production of 520 thousand tons of zinc concentrate. At the same time, the world’s largest zinc ore producers will also cut Glencore zinc ore production capacity of 500 thousand tons, about 350 thousand tons of zinc production. In addition, in the domestic supply side reform of the environment, the domestic zinc production also decreased, the high prices of imported ore lead zinc ore imports decreased about 40%, therefore, the global zinc supply is declining state. Huatai futures researcher Ji Yuanfei believes that the expected global zinc supply and demand gap will always exist, released from the global producer of zinc ore a quarterly and semi annual report shows that in the implementation of production plan. Follow the prescribed order, and now can not see the production plan. Domestically, the price of zinc rose to stimulate the enthusiasm of some areas of mining production, but also led to the pressure of environmental protection is difficult to increase the production of small mines, zinc ore supply is expected to change little. Demand steadily Li Xiaowei said that at present, the zinc futures cash discount 70 yuan per ton, the rapid narrowing of the cash premium implies that the market supply gradually tightening, tight supply is expected to lead to the possibility of zinc prices down slightly, the support price of zinc at the bottom. The production and sales of automobile industry in June are up, with the "golden nine silver ten" consumption season, galvanized plate is expected to maintain a steady growth trend, the market outlook is less likely to price rose sharply Shanghai zinc, but gradually higher probability greatly. Analysts pointed out that the reduction of zinc ore prices lead to zinc ore, raw materials will lead to the rise of downstream processing enterprises profit margins are compressed, had to cut or stop相关的主题文章: