Hebei haze rule will limit the number of vehicles waiting for more people to support the normalizati helmet怎么读

Hebei haze rule will limit the number of motor vehicles the normalization of public support for more Huimin measures – the new network news agency, November 11 Shijiazhuang Xinhua (reporter Li Qian) 11 evening, Hebei Shijiazhuang citizens Liu Hui learned that the upcoming weekend is still limited, said: "it seems that restricting the number of motor vehicle will start normally, governance haze also ‘the real thing’." Currently, Hebei, Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Cangzhou and other 7 cities to start the vehicle limit line measures, some cities will limit the number of time to extend". Into the winter, Hebei new wave limit line into the lives of the people. 11, the Shijiazhuang municipal government official website said, the city decided to study this winter heating period according to the traffic management measures to implement the motor vehicle tail number limit line turns. Limit line time from November 15, 2016 to March 15, 2017. Period, the city of small passenger cars to implement motor vehicle tail number limit line two. Tail number limit line with Beijing, Tianjin remains the same. Beijing, Tianjin City, the tail number limit line rotation synchronous rotation. In addition, Langfang, Baoding will limit measures to December 31st. Baoding, Tangshan, Cangzhou, the current implementation of the motor vehicle tail number limit line of odd and even numbers. Around the people in Hebei, micro-blog, WeChat, post bar and other network platform to discuss the city will limit the number of delayed message. Baoding citizens Feng Yong said that the city will limit the line extension, but the corresponding public transport facilities to do a good job. It is understood that the Baoding odd even during the free bus. Shijiazhuang public Zhou Fengyu said that the city’s public transportation is not too realistic, will cause other problems. She believes that the city should increase the number of buses during the vehicle limit line, a number of measures to benefit the people, after all, the line is indeed part of the inconvenience. But any measures for government haze, we all support." To remove the haze, "hat, Hebei province is a hitherto unknown strength and determination to promote atmospheric environmental governance. Before the date issued "Hebei province atmospheric pollution prevention and control measures to strengthen the implementation of scheme (2016, 2017)" proposed, to 2017, Hebei province’s average annual concentration of PM2.5 reached 67 micrograms per cubic meter, down 13% compared to 2015, and designated "no coal zone", involving 18 counties of Langfang, Baoding (city, district) etc. this scheme, many people called "the history of the most stringent". (end)相关的主题文章: