The Sixth China children’s Theatre Festival ended the audience of nearly 160 thousand people – Sohu wegener肉芽肿

The sixth China children’s Theatre Festival ended the audience of nearly 160 thousand people – Sohu entertainment evening of August 25th, the sixth session of the China children’s Theatre Festival organized by the China children’s Art Theatre held the closing ceremony in Beijing Huairou theater. The Ministry of culture and arts division deputy director Lv Yuzhong, Beijing City, Dongcheng District Huairou district leaders from home and abroad, children’s Theatre (Group), the representative of the news media and the audience through the multimedia video together to review the past 49 days of the festival time, witnessed the Sixth China children’s Theatre Festival Chinese the perfect curtain call. Drama Festival Closing ceremony presided over by the vice chairman, China children’s Theatre Festival Organizing Committee Chinese children’s Art Theatre party secretary Lei Xining, chairman of the Organizing Committee Chinese Chinese, children’s Theatre Festival children’s Art Theatre President Yin Xiaodong delivered a speech, he said, the sixth Chinese children’s Theatre Festival with "bright childlike innocence shape the future build China dream" as the theme, adhering to high quality, public welfare low fares, the principle of children’s theater performances and a series of activities as the carrier, 49 days, a total of 25 children’s drama groups in 8 countries and regions offer 46 plays 215 games wonderful performances, the audience of nearly 160 thousand people, to create a colorful art festival for children, show the creative achievement children’s drama in China, to promote domestic and foreign children’s drama exchanges and cooperation, attracted the attention of the news media, the community especially wide Recognition and welcome of large children. The Sixth China children’s Theatre Festival as an international brand to promote the development of children’s cause, has made many achievements. One is to harvest the children’s happiness. Drama Festival in Beijing, mainly to Ji’nan, Ningbo, Chengdu for the venue, more provinces and cities linkage Festival mode, enrich the children’s summer cultural life. In particular, the introduction of public welfare and public welfare votes, so that children can also have the opportunity to close the family drama. At the same time to carry out the children’s theater workshops, children’s theater summer camp and other actors will meet 15 series of activities, let the children experience the children play in the process of participation of the artistic charm, enrich the children’s summer cultural life. The two is the harvest of the wonderful repertoire of outstanding performances. Performances of art varieties covering a variety of forms, flourish in the drama festival platform, showing the achievements in the development of children’s drama, to learn from each other, learn from complementary, mutual improvement. Three is the rational thinking of children’s drama. With the help of the Drama Festival International Art Salon platform, the domestic and foreign children’s drama people together, communication and discussion, consensus, thinking, promoting unity and cooperation. Children’s Drama Festival China so far, have been held for six years, from the first to take shape to form a brand, always adhere to the "government guidance, social support, theater hosting, business operation, public welfare and market combination" festival of the six Festival, a total of 18 countries and regions in 150 hospitals group 253 play 1237 performances, the average occupancy rate reached more than 95%, benefiting 900 thousand people in the audience, and achieved good social benefits and economic benefits, has become Chinese and the world famous brand children’s drama. After the closing ceremony, the first China Eryi new row with the magic of the original children’s drama "interpretation of reality.相关的主题文章: