” &quot high speed road killer; retrograde stop deducted 18 points penalty too light users 魔界骑士イングリッド

" " high speed road killer; retrograde stop deducted 18 points penalty too light users: central broadcasting network Beijing on October 7th news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that the National Day holiday, a title for "national network video explosion micro-blog brush killer on the road the driver stop the retrograde risk caused by the car after the rear end". Video display, in Hubei Jing Yi Expressway, a red car due to missed service area intersection, a sudden stop in the overtaking lane, which followed a few cars have to avoid traffic accidents, nearly. Even more surprising is that, after the red car passenger to get off the car after the car, the red car lateral guide into the service area has been retrograde. After the incident, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Hubei high speed traffic police involved the owners of parking lane on the highway, and retrograde on the highway two illegal behavior with punishment, a total of 18 points, a fine of 400 yuan. Some netizens believe that such punishment is too light, for this kind of harm to other people’s lives and safety behavior, it is necessary to improve the corresponding legal provisions, and even criminal responsibility should be investigated for offenders, how do you see this? For the serious violations of the law, do you think points and a fine enough? FINDINGS: there are about 70% of users believe that high-speed road suddenly stopped, and its huge security risks, the corresponding punishment is too light, can be included in the scope of punishment. Chen Hunter: like this dangerous driving…… Should be in the punishment of! For most drivers, the fine is not long memory. Islands Shark: not enough, the penalty is too light. Should increase the punishment, if there is a similar record before, it is recommended that the driver’s license should be revoked, 5 years are not allowed to re test. There are nearly 30% netizens said that the risk involved in the case of driving, setting, and also the highway service area and driving lax, not a penalty. Beijing good sunshine: I think this behavior is necessary punishment. But is it reasonable to set up the service area beside the highway? For example, someone on the road, the road, a service area after a long time, missed the village can not be resolved. A river wide wave: the investigations should have serious traffic violations, once the driver, driving coaches, driving test institutions and examiners, strengthen their sense of responsibility and standard. Check the training and examination process, students learn the traffic regulations fine is not fine, zunzhangshouji concept is strong, there is no corruption phenomenon, etc.. From the source to reduce the road killer". Concerned about the big Chu Jingzhou, exquisite gift waiting for you to come!相关的主题文章: