Zhengzhou men spend 150 yuan to buy a home to see the roadside battery to change the 4 bricks (video 嘿嘿taxi

Zhengzhou men spend 150 yuan to buy a home at the roadside storage battery 4 bricks battery box was actually built four bricks and a foam board – reporter Tian Yuchen Ventura yesterday, the public Wang call the newspaper reporter said, he in the street to spend 150 yuan to buy 1 batteries, did not expect to open a at home, the battery box is actually installed 4 bricks. "I can’t afford to be cheap." He said he hoped that through their own lessons, to remind people not to be fooled by cheap. Mr. Wang said, his 52 year old, who lives near Zhengzhou Longhai Road and Kunlun Road intersection area. The afternoon of October 12th, he idle out a stroll, close to the West Third Ring Road and Longhai Road intersection, a more than and 30 year old man riding electric cars meet up, four see no one, softly asked him whether to electric car battery, said as he opened a piece of cotton electric pedal, below a black the battery box, and he hand said as long as 200 yuan". "I think that for the electric vehicle battery, the battery is quite cheap, they offer only 150 yuan." The boy hesitated for a long time, finally agreed to sell to mr.. At that time, Mr. Wang also left eye, trying to get the other electric cars to try, but the other side is to "the battery socket is not the same, afraid of short refused. And Mr. Wang thought to pick up a cheap, no longer entangled, happily carrying the battery back home. Unexpectedly, Mr. Wang returned home to "battery" charge, when he opened the box, the eyes of all let Mr. Wang dumbfounding: battery box was actually built four bricks and a foam board. "I think it’s bad luck, it’s all for petty gain!" Mr. Wang said with regret. In this regard, the Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau Jinshui Branch police remind, in general, the way to sell the battery in private, the Department is not more than the normal channels to obtain, criminals and more use of everyone’s cheap mentality of fraud. If you encounter a similar situation, please call 110 or report to the relevant departments. Video: hang a few bricks can power their invention to let 1 billion 500 million people return home to Xinyang today: Gan Lulu thermal cooking stove makeup air change rural women today hot news: healthy family has become Henan’s new richest man is the first 80 richest Henan women hide in Shanghai after years of domestic violence by her husband found Street hacked 29 years old in Xinyang female boss love 16 year old boyfriend card was transferred out 400 thousand argument falls Luoyang: girl married father two months of self-made "cool" car (Figure) in the national register exam tomorrow to recruit 27 thousand people in Henan’s 806 position recruitment recommendation: a collection of Henan [] for Zhengzhou collect the memories of the old building (source network) now the streets of Zhengzhou, high-rise buildings, new buildings such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as one after another appears, people seem to gradually forget the old buildings in the downtown area of those hidden in the. In the changing circumstances of the surrounding environment, they still maintain the distinctive unique. Zhengzhou has a long history of old buildings, through the restoration of old photographs of the old king, to record the traditional good, to arouse the memory of young. Look for the old buildings that are still there, and record what they look like now! For specific information, please click;相关的主题文章: