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A diagram to understand the "national innovation index report 2015", Chinese ranked No. 18- National Science and technology Sohu innovation index is an important index to reflect the comprehensive national innovation ability, published by the Research Institute for Strategic Studies in science and technology development China. The following is a report of the main points, at the end of this paper, a graph interpretation of "national innovation index report 2015" according to the "national innovation index report 2015", the world innovation pattern of stable, China national innovation index ranked eighteenth, 1 increase over the previous year, further narrowing the gap with the innovative country. In recent years, the input of innovation resources in China has been increasing, the capacity of knowledge production has been enhanced, the innovation ability of enterprises has been improved, and the economic contribution of scientific and technological innovation has become increasingly prominent. · · · · · · · · world innovation pattern is basically stable, the United States and Japan remains the leading position of · · · · · · · · the current report shows that Japan and Europe leads the global innovation pattern is basically stable. From the composition of global innovation ability ten strong countries, the top 4 ranking countries remained unchanged, followed by the United States, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and Denmark; Germany, Sweden, Britain, Holland and Singapore were fifth to 10. Compared with the previous year, the United Kingdom, Singapore into the top ten ranks, Israel fell from the top ten to fourteenth, Finland fell by 2 to twelfth. BRIC countries in addition to China, ranking is still relatively backward. Russia ranked thirty-second, 1 increase over the previous year; South Africa to India and Brazil ranked thirty-sixth, ranking last year and on, in thirty-eighth and 39. · · · · · · · · China national innovation index ranking rose to eighteenth place, "12th Five-Year" planning goals on time · · · · · · · · China national innovation index ranking beyond Australia, ranking eighteenth in the world, the timely realization of state "12th Five-Year" science and technology planning proposed development goals. China is currently in the leading position of the second group, and further narrow the gap between innovative countries. China’s national innovation index score of 68.6 points, an increase of over the previous year, up to 0.2 points, more than Australia’s score of 0.7, continue to widen the lead in Canada, New Zealand, Luxemburg and other countries behind. Compared with the top seventeenth in Ireland, China has only a slight gap of 0.01 points, compared with the first group of countries, China and the ranks of the gap between the top fifteenth countries to further narrow, shrinking from the previous year’s 2.4 points相关的主题文章: