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Hong futures price: propylene short-term short weak downward view the latest quotes from the client and the expected dollar this month, international oil prices fell after the first rise, the overall price of the center of gravity. In August, the domestic part of the parking overhaul device is relatively concentrated, and the East China area affected by the G20 summit, for the petrochemical enterprises and the surrounding areas of logistics and transport restrictions, 8 months early, polypropylene prices out of the small rise trend. The high price in August will be the highest point in the second half of the market. Into September, PP1609 contract will be delivered, when a large number of sources will hit the market, to further increase the pressure on the short PP1701. With the September 1 date price under the support of the broken M60 short short form has been formed, the price will remain weak in the downward trend in September, the recent decline in the first line of $7000 mark. First, the upstream raw material market analysis affected the expected volatility downward and the dollar this month, international oil prices fell after the first rise. As of August 30th closing, WTI range 39.51-48.52, Brent interval 41.8-50.89 U.S. dollars barrel. However, from the current action of the oil producing countries, we hope to stabilize oil prices at the same time, without losing market share. In September, the biggest uncertainty is whether the agreement can be reached between the oil producing countries. Prior to the meeting, the frozen production is expected to continue to ferment, will dominate the entire trend of oil prices in September. If the freeze is not reached, the price of oil will fall back to $40. But the recent oil price shocks, the impact of the domestic polypropylene spot market price trend is less. Two, polypropylene market analysis of the supply side of the petrochemical parking overhaul in August, parking equipment involved in the production capacity of 4 million 440 thousand tons, the impact of this cycle to reduce production of about 190 thousand tons or so. In Tianjin, Tianjin, Ningbo and other devices combined with Formosa will end in mid to late 9 overhaul, and the project of Shenhua Xinjiang coal based new materials 450 thousand tons of PP plant planned September production price, market supply or supply will increase. 2.2 domestic petrochemical enterprises offer this month compared to July, the domestic petrochemical enterprises prices continue upward trend, two barrels of oil, the sales company of drawing materials and copolymerization material prices in the range of 150-500 million tons. This is mainly due to the domestic petrochemical equipment overhaul in August is relatively concentrated, and petrochemical companies have no pressure on the stock, which has a good role in supporting the supply of products. Petrochemical prices strong, compared with July prices continue to rise. 2.3 Petrochemical inventory analysis this month two barrels of oil inventory overall downward shocks, mainly affected by the August petrochemical plant centralized maintenance, supply reduction, compared with July, major petrochemical companies and middlemen, August inventory has dropped significantly, a decline of about 10%. From the demand side, August does not belong to the traditional peak season, the lower reaches of the factory started limited, on-demand procurement, market transactions in general. September, G20 summit held in Hangzhou, around the logistics and downstream plant operating rate is limited, inventory or may increase. Three, polypropylene downstream demand analysis as of August 26th, domestic.相关的主题文章: