British food more than fish and chips, this delicious shepherds quickly learn – and Sohu naughty怎么读

British food more than fish and chips, this delicious shepherds quickly learn – and the Sohu — small kitchen kitchen saying — this is a spoof of a few years of English food so much, like those dark cuisine are beyond the famous fish and chips. Once studied in the UK, really do not want to watch some English delicious is ignored and forgotten. This is especially delicious to not eat, will fall in love with the shepherds pie – – – – shepherds materials — potatoes and 2 sheep meat stuffing 100g 50g butter chicken soup a bowl of half onion carrot 1 2 cloves of garlic rosemary thyme black pepper sauce salt wine step — olive oil heat, pour into mutton stir fried, then put onion, carrots, garlic into the stir fried together. Sprinkle a handful of rosemary, thyme, a pinch of salt, black pepper, pour half tablespoon wine, two teaspoon of tomato sauce, stir fry roast into the bowl, then basically ripe to produce meat stuffing Mashed Potato. The potato pieces into the boiling water, sprinkle with salt water, cook the potatoes with a spoon can remove broken pressure. Spoon the potatoes crushed, add a teaspoon of butter, sprinkle a little salt, black pepper, stir, to allow air to enter the Mashed Potato, beating after showing a fluffy feeling can be dug out to wipe the meat stuffing. After a good wiping with a surface scraping line, bake until Mashed Potato skin color figure can be taken out, so the surface burned after Mashed Potato taste particularly good! TIPS — if not to eat mutton students, it can be replaced with beef. The production of Mashed Potato when if you want to get more taste, you can sprinkle some Parmesan cheese. – like thyme, rosemary Western-style food is often used in these spices if to buy fresh, can also be replaced with dry dressing.相关的主题文章: