The deployment of the state regulation of the Internet financial supervision to prove safety net loa 残清1864

The deployment of the state regulation of the Internet financial transmission net loan fund chaos prove safety regulation Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The general office of the State Council recently announced the implementation of the "Internet financial risk special rectification program" (hereinafter referred to as the "program"). Internet financial risks rectification work leading group responsible comrades on the 13 special rectification work to answer a reporter’s question. Internet financial risk remediation work will be completed before March next year. "Economic Reference News" reporter learned that the "plan" will be on the P2P network lending, equity raising business, the third party payment services, to carry out special rectification, remediation efforts to increase the illegal fund-raising, protect themselves from the financial period, etc., with the wrong term resolution, false propaganda, fictional subject illegal violations, and put forward the Internet finance should adopt the "penetrating" regulatory measures, according to the nature of business implementation of the corresponding regulations. The industry believes that the program is released to further refine the performance of the regulation, will further reduce regulatory blind spots, with a strong feasibility of the implementation. Changes in the regulatory touch the essence of the reporter noted that the "plan" in addition to the Internet financial platform reiterated the previous regulations shall not establish pools of capital, not loans, not to protect themselves from the financial industry. Besides, proposed should adopt "penetrating" supervision measures. Program requirements, the Internet should determine the nature of the business through the surface of the financial nature of the business, regulatory responsibilities and behavior rules and regulatory requirements should be followed, the implementation of the penetration of regulatory measures. The nine Betta CEO Guo Peng believes that the "penetrating" supervision to strengthen the regulatory functions and comprehensive supervision, to monitor the implementation to the core business of Internet financial enterprises, not by the appearance of enterprise legal compliance. This regulation will be more flexible, but also conducive to the rapid pace of regulation to keep up with the pace of financial innovation. On the penetration of regulatory measures, the program proposed, first of all, the Internet companies have not achieved the relevant financial business qualification shall not rely on the Internet to carry out the appropriate business. Secondly, without the approval of the relevant departments shall not be issued by private placement of multi class financial products through packaging, split and other forms of sales to the public. Sales of financial products should strictly enforce the appropriateness of the investor system standards, disclosure of information and prompt risk, shall not be given to the risk of product sales ability to match the customer. Third, financial institutions shall not rely on the Internet to carry out asset management business through various types of asset management products to circumvent regulatory requirements. Should the source of funds, and ultimately invest in the middle part of the full process of information, take the "penetrating" supervision method, through the surface to determine nature, business and regulatory responsibilities should follow the rules of conduct and regulatory requirements. Finally, within the same group to obtain a number of financial business qualifications, shall not violate the relevant provisions of the relevant business transactions. In accordance with the regulatory rules consistent with the traditional financial companies, requiring the group to establish a firewall system, compliance with regulatory requirements and other aspects of related transactions, and effectively prevent cross infection risk. Open Xin loan CEO Zhou Zhihan believes that the party theory相关的主题文章: