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The new daughter-in-law mother-in-law Zhagang dissatisfaction: if I had my mother choked her. – Beijing narrator cheese (a pseudonym) Changchun evening news reporter Liu Bing the couple joy in their marriage. couples as sweet as honey. Husband work changes, the total travel, mother-in-law openly moved in, called to take care of her living, in fact is to help his son to watch her. My husband and I got married last October, and we’ve had a good relationship. Both parents are also very harmonious. After marriage, we both live, my mother is generally more enlightened, usually do not how to manage us. At the beginning of this year, my husband is responsible for the project in Beijing, he often run in Beijing, sometimes ten and a half months do not come back. I am a college teacher, our family in the city wide, I work on the net, and take the shuttle bus one hour, my husband is not at home, I do not want to toss it to live in the school dormitory. This is nothing, but my mother-in-law is not practical. Once, my husband on a business trip, I live in the school, my mother did not say hello to our home to an empty head, give me a call, I explained to her that I live in the school, but she was not happy. Then she took my father moved in with us and called to take care of my daily life, accompany me to do company, is actually to look at me. At first I wasn’t aware of this, and I had been trying to persuade them to go back and live without worrying about me. I said that I would like to estimate my mother had a problem. There was a colleague’s birthday, we went to a very late night, before I told my mother, do not go home to live. After we finished our meal, we went to sing. It was almost 11 when we got back to school. In the process, my mother gave me a total of more than and 10 calls. So I returned to the bedroom, my mother-in-law in the middle of the night a taxi to our school zhagang. That time I completely understood her intention. As long as I live my parents after I go home every day. I have my room and she stuck as can be imagined. I don’t want to talk to the old man to do, try to accommodate her. But suspicion of taste too uncomfortable, and the more I with my mother, she is insatiable. Even though I was half an hour late, she asked the question. The key is that she is always holding the idea of First impressions are strongest I have problems with my question. I was really tired of this, if my own mother, I had to choke her mother-in-law, but after all is not a real mother, I can only hide. In order to hide her, sometimes I have no class to go to school, there is no home. My husband and I say this thing, he lack the mind, don’t know what to do with my mother-in-law said, my mother-in-law outraged, my house will not go. I am now looking forward to the end of my husband’s project quickly, save my mother when the eyeliner, then I will be free. The mind face to focus on running their own happiness with her mother to reporters: cheese to talk it out, can pierce the window paper too embarrassed, she should try to improve in what aspects? Cheese mother-in-law, which should be adjusted? Yin hang: in the process of rivalry with her mother-in-law, we saw the cheese defense mode, she tried to solve the problem by pent up energy can escape, sooner or later.相关的主题文章: