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Russian media: Chinese surface fleet has far exceeded Chinese Russia because of too much money – Sohu military channel page first: Russian media said the Russian fleet has far exceeded Chinese [Abstract] Russian media have reported that Russia faces similar challenges and threats, the two armies are against the United States mission. However, the important difference is that China is already a global economic power, what it does in the army building is that Russia does not have the money to do, can not be achieved. China’s surface fleet has been far more than Russia, the future is only inferior to the U.S. Navy, while China’s aircraft carrier plan is only the tip of the iceberg. From September 12th to 19, the Chinese and Russian navies held in the South China Sea in the relevant maritime space code named joint maritime -2016 joint military exercises, is one of the two countries, the annual military exercises. This is not the first time the joint exercise of the Russian Navy since 2005, Russia has held six maritime joint military drill; joint maritime series bid has been between China and Russia this year happened to turn round robin, China hosted by. Pictured 2016 Sino Russian military exercises in the South China sea. Global network reported on November 8th: the Russian military free media website on November 3rd published an article that China demonstrated the Russian "bastion" land-based missile system competition. According to media reports in November 1st, China poly Technology Co. Ltd. developed a comprehensive coastal defense system in various command and control system, transmitter, land-based air defense weapons and land-based anti-ship missile system in one of the. Radar, satellites, aircraft, electro-optical systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles that provide real-time information can also be added to the system. A range of 280 km C-602 missile (Eagle -62 missile export version) to ensure that the coastal defense system of anti-ship capability. After the news, the 2016 Zhuhai airshow will display modular container missile system, the Russian "-K club" system of similar products. This system can use a variety of missiles and rockets, including cruise missile WS-43. The utility model is arranged in an ordinary freight container, which can be carried by a ship, a freight car or a railway platform, thereby increasing the difficulty of finding and making the attack unexpected. It is worth noting that the Russian military has been equipped with similar systems. Of course, this does not mean that the Chinese people somehow get the drawings of the Russian system. But it is proved that China careful analysis of the Russian army building and weapons use experience, and a lot of things with their own. The Russian army’s every move has been highly concerned by Chinese experts. In addition, they usually take the Russian military reform is divided into 2 stages: the first stage from the beginning of the war in Georgia to Anatoli? Serdyukov as secretary of defense, the second stage from Sergei Shoigu as secretary of defense until now?. Extended reading: the first Sino Russian South China Sea exercises subjects started helicopter dispatched (map) and Russia joint naval fleet ammunition ship Guangzhou fire on page second: Chinese carrier plan is only the tip of the iceberg in September the Russian navy in the South China Sea related sea airspace codenamed joint military exercises joint maritime -2016, which belongs to the annual China and russia.相关的主题文章: