The fluctuation of RMB exchange rate 10% has little effect on trade 卡迪奥特曼

RMB exchange rate fluctuations in 10% areas have little impact on trade, economic daily Beijing February 23rd (reporter Feng Qiyu) Gao Hucheng, Minister of Commerce pointed out that the devaluation and appreciation of the currency if not more than 10%, its impact on trade is minimal. At the same time, Gao did not think that RMB devaluation or appreciation will be beneficial to importers and exporters. Today, with the development of economic globalization, the leading enterprises in famous multinational enterprises and industries are all configuring the factors of production in the world. For example, recently Chinese a large garment production enterprises combined upstream and downstream enterprises in South Asia, a country established a garment industrial park, investment about 13000000000 yuan, the formation of the ability to export $5 billion a year of clothing products with two to three years, employment reached 200 thousand to 220 thousand people, "the company is the allocation of resources in the world." Gao Hucheng said. China’s labor costs are no longer competitive for the traditional garment industry, but China’s equipment, Chinese technology, China’s funds, China’s management and China’s raw materials and accessories are competitive advantages in the industry. Therefore, the general theory holds that, in the context of deep economic integration, the devaluation and appreciation of the currency, if not more than 10%, have little impact on the composition of the trade. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

人民币汇率10%区间波动对贸易影响甚微   经济日报北京2月23日讯 (记者 冯其予)商务部部长高虎城指出,货币的贬值和升值若没有超过10%,其对贸易构成的影响是微乎其微的。同时,高虎城不认为人民币大幅贬值或升值会对进口商或出口商有益。   在经济全球化深入发展的今天,著名跨国企业、行业当中的领头企业,都是在全球配置生产要素。例如,最近中国的一家大型服装生产企业联合一些上下游企业,在南亚一个国家建立了一个服装工业园区,投资130多亿元人民币,用两到三年的时间形成每年出口50亿美元服装产品的能力,就业达到20万至22万人,“这家企业就是在全球配置资源。”高虎城说。   中国的劳动力成本对服装这个传统产业来说已经不具备竞争力,但是这个行业当中的中国设备、中国技术、中国资金、中国管理和中国的原料和辅料是其竞争优势。所以,一般的理论认为,在各国经济深度融合的背景下,货币的贬值和升值,如果没有超过10%的话,对贸易构成的影响是微乎其微的。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: