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Posted By: brianwarren global communication What is automated translation global communication How Automated Translation Software Makes A Difference? Posted By: brianwarren Today thanks to the Internet, the world is more connected and people have access to more information. The social web has changed the world in many ways. However, today customers want to communicate more effectively across languages. They expect more online, social and instant interactions in their native languages. This is forcing companies to address multiple types of communication "" from high-quality editorial content to task-driven support content "" across more languages and channels than ever before. This calls for a solution that can enable enterprises to communicate with customers in the right channel, in the right language, at the right time. The solution is automated translation as it empowers enterprises to interact with their customer in the language of the customer"s choice. But what is automated translation? How does it help enterprises in living up to the demands of the customers? Automated translation also known as machine translation or instant translation is the translation of text by a computer, with no human involvement. It enables businesses to translate more content, faster, to deliver information to customers in their preferred language and communication channel. Here is a quick look at how automated translation software makes a communications software language technology solution global communications Get Good Quality Content With Automated Translation Software Posted By: brianwarren The advent and prominence of the social web along with social networking has made end users to expect instant communications in native languages. This has compelled many enterprises to address their communications and translation modalities. Global communication today has gained significant importance. This is especially true when an online shopping website or a company aims to expand its business in various global regions. Therefore, in order to globalize business, entrepreneurs need high-end translation technology for delivering vital information for business contract. This apart, it is essential to address the audience at large with the brand message and explain them the core business, its objective, about products and services. If there is any kind of misinterpretation or a wrong web content translation it might result in monetary and other losses, like brand erosion and failed business deals. Hence, enterprises in an attempt to avert and minimize content translation loopholes are resorting to effective software language technology solutions. In this regard, automated translation has gained prominence owing to its translation quality and accuracy. What is Automated Translation?Global communication software language technology solutions Global communication Understanding The Basics Of Automated Translation Posted By: brianwarren What is automated translation instant translation What is automated translation What Is Automated Translation? Posted By: brianwarren what is automated translation Automation translation what is automated translation Translation Management Nurturing Global Enterprises Posted By: brianwarren Languages are the medium of communication and translation is the process of communicating the meaning of a source language text to a target language text. Translation came into existence after written literature came into use and human translators with their spill-over of source language idiom and usage play a major role in the way most of the languages have been shaped. With industrial revolution taking the center stage in the 18th century, demands for business documentations also increased. Today as the business world moves towards a more globalized format there is a further increase in the need for a faster and efficient translation process. Though there are dedicated schools and professional associations of human translators, the need for the hour is a fast and automated translation system. Further, in a globalized business environment with customers, business partners, vendors and workforce spread across various regions of the world, communicating in local languages becomes a major issue that needs to be tackled. The global enterprises thus need to be well equipped with systems that would help them in conveying the organizational goals and objectives as well as the operational strategies in a error free format.automated translation what is automated translation transl automated translation 相关的主题文章: