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If you are not a happy married couple, it isn’t because you haven’t tried and it isn’t because you are not good people. Even if the first order of business is to save your marriage because of ongoing stress and painful interactions don’t imagine for even one minute that you have to live like you do now. To save your marriage you don’t have to work as hard as you think or sacrifice anything. To have people say, "There goes a happy married couple," all you have to do is learn what marriage is all about and follow the rules of success. Divorce is Unnatural and a Disease you Don’t have to Suffer From Everybody knows the divorce rate is well over 50% for first time marriages, but that doesn’t make it normal. By looking at the divorce rate one would think that marriage is next to impossible, especially when you consider how many married couples are not at all happy. You can save your marriage and have an incredibly joyful marital experience for the rest of your lives just like you thought you would when you first got married. But first you have to know what to do. Would you ever try to fly an airplane without learning about airplanes, weather, and all of the things you should know before you attempt flight? The obvious answer is no because it would be downright stupid to approach something you know very little about with cockiness that can get you killed. A marriage is the same. When you first got married you didn’t know anything about what marriage is or how to function properly within it. Just like everybody else you figured that you were smart enough to handle whatever problems came your way and no matter what it was your love would get you through; do you remember that? The Real Problem is a Lack of ‘How to Live’ Education in our School System Our western materialistic culture does nothing to prepare individuals for married life. There are no courses in relationships or gender differences. As a nation we simply do not know how to create a loving, synergistic family. Those who have taken responsibility for relationships, western psychologists, are trained to focus on diseases of the mind. They are always looking for a mental disorder when a couple has marital problems rather than explaining what marriage requires in terms of attitudes and behaviors. Here are 10 things you can do to save your marriage and become a happy married couple: Make a list of your expectations and then make sure they are expectations for you rather than your spouse Make a list of your spouse’s good qualities and remind yourself of how fortunate you are to have married them Count your blessings Put your complaints into perspective and reduce their power over you Determine that you will behave how you want your spouse to behave Tell your children how wonderful your spouse is Tell your spouse how wonderful he or she is Tell your spouse how much you love them Pray that you may see only the positives of your spouse Tell your spouse you love them again When I wrote Lessons For A Happy Marriage I would give parts of it out to people to read so I could get feedback on what was affective and what was not. I was surprised by how people immediately understood what they needed to do just by reading a few words and absorbing the principles that are both spiritual and universal. You too can have the happiest marriage on the face of the earth by understanding how sweet your life can be and how to work with your marriage instead of against it. My prayers are always with you. About the Author: I wrote Lessons For A Happy Marriage: http://www.lessonsforahappymarriage.com to help people save their troubled marriage and end the marriage crisis in our country; it’s about saving children. Let’s stop divorce. The problems go beyond the failures of marriage counselors. My life’s mission is to eradicate the need for divorce through focused education. If you’re married, tell your soul mate, "I love you." Read more on my blog: http://lessonsforahappymarriage.com/relationship-advice-blog.htm Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Marriage-Wedding 相关的主题文章: