St Jinggu forest Tim transfer the old trick of Paul shell

*ST Jinggu forest Tim transfer the old trick of Paul shell chips hot column flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you find each reporter Ceng Jian face the risk of losing money for three years may be listed the suspension, *ST Jinggu (600265) today once again took out the disposal of assets of Paul shell nirvana. According to the company disclosed in September 19th announcement, the company intends to transfer part of its own foreign assets inventory stock. The investment treasure (WeChat public number: mjtzb2) reporter noted that the move or will bring huge profits to the listed company, the company to fill about 10000000 yuan in the first half losses seem not difficult. Considering that *ST won two creditors debt waiver Jinggu in August, Paul shell company prospects suddenly become clear. The transfer of forest inventory according to *ST Jinggu September 19th announcement, the board of directors approved "on the company intends to transfer its own foreign assets stock stumpage bill". In order to guarantee the sustainable development of the company, the company intends to transfer part of its own foreign assets inventory stock. The proposed transfer of the stock value is not more than 70 million yuan, the company will through foreign advertising and other ways to publicly call for the transferee. It is reported that the *ST Jinggu intends to transfer trees mainly relates to stumpage artificial Simao pine forest, located in Jinggu County in Yunnan Pu’er Bi Anxiang, Yongping Town, yizhi Township, total felling area of about 55 thousand acres (about the company’s raw material forest base 12.79%), a comprehensive volume is about 360 thousand cubic meters. Transfer does not involve the use of forest land, underground mineral resources and other assets. Reporters noted that this is not the first time the disposal of assets *ST Jinggu dispatched security shell weapon. In 2013, this is called *ST Jinggu in the developing history of the most difficult year. As a result of 2011, 2012 consecutive losses, the company’s stock was implemented delisting risk warning, if the year can not be realized as a profit, will lead to the delisting of the company’s stock. In view of this, the company announced in September 2013 will have been assessed 207 thousand and 700 acres of trees in accordance with the law or the overall transfer of slices sold. The total area of 1 million 842 thousand and 400 cubic meters of timber, assessed value of up to $282 million. Since then, the company before the end of 2013 to sign a contract for the transfer of trees. The forest assets to sell an area of 107 thousand and 600 acres, the total transaction price of transfer of $163 million, of which 2013 revenue of 83 million 170 thousand yuan, in 2014 the cash income of $79 million 910 thousand. The transaction to the company to bring 97 million 599 thousand and 300 yuan of profits to help the company in 2013 profit. Unexpectedly, after three years of reincarnation, *ST Jinggu is still hovering in the delisting edge, the company also had to once again chosen to "sell". Debt relief add chips Paul shell reporter noted that before a forest sale data for reference, the forest transfer brings to *ST Jinggu profit should at least more than 30 million yuan. In the first half of this year相关的主题文章:

Chengdu release network about car rules the driver must have a residence permit or residence in Chen-姉summer

Chengdu release about the car driver details: must have Chengdu domicile or residence permit Sina Francisco October 14th afternoon, Chengdu issued the "Chengdu online booking taxi business service management regulations" (draft). Provisions of the network about the driver of the car must have a permanent residence in Chengdu or Chengdu residence permit; vehicles for local licenses, the exhaust is not less than 1.6L or 1.4T, encourage the use of new energy vehicles. The following excerpt details: ninth to be engaged in the network about cars to operate a vehicle in our city, shall meet the following conditions: (a) by the public security department for registration, the nature of the use of booking rental passenger from Chengdu (Sichuan A license plate) 7 and the following passenger car; (two) the vehicle exhaust amount is not less than 1.6L or 1.4T and encourage the use of new energy vehicles; (three) with the installation of vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, emergency alarm device, encourage the use of domestic satellite navigation and positioning system; (four) according to government supervision platform access technical requirements, the relevant data of vehicle satellite positioning device direct access to government supervision platform, realize real-time data sharing; (five) the body shall not be painted, special pattern, auto cruise rental installation; (six) the vehicle operation safety standard with technical performance Quasi requirement. Eleventh drivers in the city in the net about car service, shall meet the following conditions: (a) with Chengdu Hukou or "Chengdu residence permit"; (two) to obtain the corresponding quasi driving type motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience; (three) no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving no record, no driving after drinking drug records, records of the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points records; (four) no record of violence; (five) within the last 5 years the city has not been revoked parade car qualification record, within the last 5 years, I have not been investigated in counterfeit parade vehicle operations and other illegal passenger business records. (six) health; (seven) other conditions prescribed by laws, regulations and rules.相关的主题文章:

Ford Fawkes department offers 18 thousand yuan shop there are cars-lformat

Ford Fawkes department offers 18 thousand yuan shop there are cars in the market promotion time: 2016.11.1-2016.11.13 2017 Ford Fawkes three car 1.6L manual fashion model Intexact version of Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix area editor learned from the Guangzhou area Ford dealer Fawkes (currently the store models are cars in the sale, mainly in color the shop in the sale. Car can offer 18 thousand yuan. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. The price in the table below: Fawkes’s new price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of car 2017 hatchback EcoBoost manual 125 super fashion type Chi edition 13.08 11.28 1.80 2017 inquiry ample car hatchback EcoBoost 125 automatic wind type line version 14.18 is 12.38 inquiry 2017 1.80 cars are plentiful three car EcoBoost 125 manual super fashion type Chi edition 13.08 11.28 1.80 2017 inquiry sufficient car car three EcoBoost 125 automatic super fashion type Chi edition 14.18 12.38 1.80 2017 inquiry sufficient car hatchback EcoBoost automatic elite 14.98 180 13.18 1.80 2017 inquiry ample car hatchback EcoBoost 180 automatic movement type 16.58 14.78 1.80 car inquiry adequate 2017 car three EcoBoost 180 auto elite 14.98 13.18 inquiry 1.80 2017 sufficient car car three EcoBoost 180 automatic flagship 16.58 14.78 1.80 2017 inquiry sufficient car hatchback 1.6L manual Comfort Edition 11.58 Chi 9.78 inquiry 1.80 cars are plentiful 2017 hatchback 1.6L automatic Comfort Edition 12.68 Chi 10.88 inquiry 1.80 cars are plentiful 2017 hatchback 1.6L manual fashion version of the 12.78 type line 10.98 1.80 car inquiry adequate 2017 hatchback 1.6L automatic fashion type 13.88 Chi version 12.08 inquiry 1.80 car three car enough 2017 1.6L manual Comfort Edition 11.58 Chi 9.78 1.80 2017 inquiry sufficient car car three 1.6L automatic Comfort Edition 12.68 Chi 10.88 inquiry 1.80 cars are plentiful 2017 car three 1.6L manual fashion version of the 12.78 type line 1.80) 10.98 inquiry相关的主题文章:

Develop social skills from a doll-wh60a

Social skills training from children children don’t know how to eat dress when we teach their children don’t know how to read when the children do not know when we teach them how to write we teach their children don’t know when we teach them how to do math & nbsp; but when the children do not know how to interact with others we teach them? My baby is very shy, quiet outside my daughter can not express, will only cry my child very timid do not think that children develop social skills, it seems not so important. To develop social skills, should start from the doll! Treasure dad treasure mom looked over, the following skills to Get 1 as far as possible to respond to the child, communication, touch, kiss, let the child feel full of love, and bring a sense of security. This sense of security brings confidence, so that children are not afraid to explore the outside world. More willing to communicate with others. 2 at home, the family will let the child, the child does not know there will be conflicts between people. May wish to create more opportunities for children to socialize, such as going to the park, and the district to play with children, invite children to the home, etc……. Let the children come into contact with people outside the family, praise and encourage children to make new friends. 3 parents are too strong, or too much to protect the child, the child will lack the necessary self-care ability and communication skills, but the child has no parents think so small, just give children the opportunity, they have the ability to solve many problems, many children are timid, to frighten parents. Some children often bite and play through the 4 way to express love, or when the other kids insatiable, children are still no bottom line. Parents should pay attention to these wrong social patterns, slowly lead the child to the right way. 5 of course, the contradiction between children, but also a good opportunity to exercise children’s social skills. Don’t find, will take care of their children, or blindly blame their children. If it is not very serious, parents can not intervene, let the children themselves. If the child is not properly resolved, parents tell their children the correct solution. Parents should be more than 100 principals, do not use "grow up like" self deception, from now on, multi dimension cultivate children’s social skills! Finally, to all the parents of a beautiful poem: "if I had my child to raise again" (UK) and Mansfield if I had my child to raise again, I will first squat, and then gently. I will put up the thumb, with less index finger pointing. I will give more smile to the child. If I can raise my baby again, I will use my eyes less!相关的主题文章:

About Samsung Note7 statement in the first explosion broke the news if the rumors will resort to the-stellarium

About Samsung Note7 statement in the first explosion broke the news: if the rumors would resort to the law on September 20th news, according to "Note 7 explosion" report, before the line Note 7 battery supplier ATL, Samsung official has issued a statement, said the test results showed that the damage is caused by external heating. The official statement, "for Note’s 7 bombing" broke the news last night at the Baidu Post Bar responded, he said, if the rumor Samsung can also be and he resorted to law. Before the Samsung mobile phone battery manufacturer ATL said in a statement, after a preliminary study, there is no direct relation between the judgment of combustion of the sample and production of batteries, that heat source from the cell body, there may be a large heating problem caused by other factors. At the same time China Samsung electronics company said that Samsung pay close attention to the recent Note 7 combustion events, 918, is Chinese media coverage of the events, we through the Samsung Electronics Research Institute, quality inspection departments to carry out a detailed analysis of the products, the test results showed that the damage is caused by external heating. The explosion of mobile phones sold Jingdong said the case has been handed over to samsung. The official statement, "for Note’s 7 bombing" broke the news last night at the Baidu Post Bar responded, he said: "as a small consumers unable to blame and questioned the so-called Samsung detection" authority ", the statement is true if is led directly to my personal crime in the abyss, please Samsung PR department I to Samsung’s reputation damage and libel proceedings, I will be brought to justice!" the netizen stressed that he was a first fried news broke the news, after the national awareness. Now the first blow his friend has accepted a refund, as is not the personal operation difficulty so great accidents slander me impartial Samsung can make nothing of it, he can also be to resort to legal. In addition, he also said, including The Associated Press, the Wall Street journal, Forbes and other foreign media have been interviewed, I believe they will be a fair broadcast in foreign media. The following is the full text of the user response: more exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章:

Inverted position, more likely to be pregnant In the end fly it Sohu –webquest

Inverted position, more likely to be pregnant? In the end fly it? Sohu maternal Xiaojiang this year 30 years old, married 5 years, have always wanted children, but I never have, to our hospital are also checked, what is wrong is not, that day, she went to the hospital to consult us. "Just as, recently, it is suggested that we take the inverted pregnancy surgery, you said reliable?" "What is inverted pregnancy?" I heard it for the first time. Xiaojiang said: "even in couples, the wife was upside down, it will greatly increase the probability of pregnancy, the American star Madonna is pregnant with pregnant by inverted." Indeed, the inverted pregnant surgery, I was the first time I heard, think carefully, is worried about the normal position after her husband’s semen, will flow out, and take the inverted position, can make semen because the relationship between gravity flow. In addition to the inverted pregnancy surgery, there are some other, there is a book about women, after her buttocks pad, but also because of fear of male semen after ejaculation, most will flow out from the vagina. Pad high buttocks, can make semen can stay longer in the vagina, the number of sperm into the uterine cavity will be more. In fact, some people have done experiments, if you want to make a woman’s cervical bubble in the liquid, the amount of fluid in the vagina to reach more than 30 ml, which man can have so many semen ejaculation? The male ejaculates have hundreds of millions more sperm may enter into the uterus, fallopian tube and finally reached less than 100, the sperm and egg with is hard, through the layers of the test and the winner, a combination of sperm and egg, it will inhibit other sperm penetration. It doesn’t make sense how long semen is in women. I Xiaojiang said: "to be pregnant, not by what position to decide, you know, the sperm fuses with the egg to the fallopian tubes to need one or two minutes only, can be said to go through a series of hurdles, such as the pH of the vagina and cervical mucus, uterus fallopian tube connection, even progesterone may also influence sperm transport mechanism is very complex, any one part of the problem, can make spermatozoon add a little The whole army was wiped out., far from the gravity, can be pregnant successfully." "However, I have passed all the indicators, how can not pregnant? Is it related to my uterus?" Normal women, about 6 into the uterus belongs to the forward position, into about 4 belong to the backward, and backward position is small. I said: "without disease factors, regardless of anteversion and retroversion of uterine pregnancy can be natural, does not need to change the position to increase the chance of pregnancy, of course, if it is due to some diseases such as pelvic adhesions, endometriosis, tilt, may be more difficult to conceive. Nothing to do with posture." Just as the most popular small: China beauty midwife, Beijing three hospital delivery room senior midwife. In the delivery, safe delivery 000 cases. Delivery delivery, delivery room in grief at separation and joy in union mother to be concerned about, all, one for you to explain. Welcome attention to micro signal: midwife (jieshengp.相关的主题文章: